Elliot Rubin
My name is Elliot Rubin. I was born in West Orange, New Jersey and have been here ever since. I am currently a Junior now in High School, and I've been involved with photography for over two years now. I currently work as an assistant for a photography studio at weddings and Bar/Bat- Mitzvah's, and also run a small studio called R&B photography. 
In the school that I attend, RKYHS, a Private school in Livingston, I love being involved with photography. I am co-editor of Photography for Yearbook, I am editor of Photography for Newspaper, I am co-head of our school's video club, and I am co-head of photography for the high school.  I love what photography brings into my life in regard to seeing life in a different way, putting smiles on people's faces, and  helping around the community.
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