Summer Blockbuster Showdown: Batman vs. Spiderman

Which superhero will rule the box office?

As of last week summer is officially here.

And while the public pool in West Orange is a great way to cool off, so is heading to an air-conditioned movie theater to chillax.

Fortunately for entertainment seekers, summer is one of the biggest seasons for blockbusters.

Here’s what’s sure to be hot at the box office in the next few months.

The Dark Knight Rises

Thanks to megahits Harry Potter and Twilight, the summer of 2011 was all about wizards and vampires. This year, get ready for a showdown between two misunderstood superheroes—Spiderman and Batman. Director Christopher Nolan has promised The Dark Knight Rises will be the end-all of his Batman trilogy.

But will The Dark Knight Rises, which opens July 20, beat out The Amazing Spiderman? The Batman flick stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

Meanwhile, the popular Spiderman movie franchise from the 2000s gets a reboot with Andrew Garfield replacing Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, who goes on a troubling search to discover why his father abandoned him.

Also starring is Emma Stone as Spidey’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. The Amazing Spiderman debuts in 3D July 3.


Already out at theaters is the 3D feature, Brave, the latest computer-animated film from Pixar and Disney. The kid-friendly flick—which also is designed to entertain adults—centers on Scottish Princess Merida, a skilled archer determined to make her own path in life. When she refuses an ancient marriage custom, it causes chaos in the kingdom. Check out this Patch review of the film.

Have you seen a good movie lately? Is there a movie you’re particularly interested in seeing? Write a review in the comments section below or tell us which movie you’re most looking forward to viewing. Comment or email mike.donofrio@patch.com.


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