Project Graduation Recognizes Achievements of all West Orange Students

Lawn signs are available for purchase at $15 to help fund Project Graduation, which will take place June 19-20.

When graduating seniors were dying at an alarming rate due to intense pre-graduation celebrating, the federal government decided to intervene.

It gave West Orange High School a grant to organize graduation activities for its seniors in a safe environment, now funded by PTA fundraising efforts, which resulted in the school's annual Project Graduation.

Project Graduation is an all-night bash free of alcohol, drugs and tobacco that seniors have been overwhelmingly in support of. This year's event will take place June 19-20.

Funding efforts are underway with the organizing committee selling lawn signs in recognition of graduates throughout the county.

"These signs are not intended to just recognize our high school seniors," Leslie Fleisher, Project Graduation co-chairwoman, said in a release. "We want to honor all of our graduates in West Orange - from Kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school and college. We want the community as a whole to recognize and applaud their hard work, and one very simple way to do this is to purchase a sign."

Lawn signs are available for $15, and volunteers will deliver them in early June. The deadline for purchase is May 30.

Those who would like a lawn sign may contact Wanda Maragni wamaragni@verizon.net.


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