Middle Schoolers Compete in Math Competition

The MATHCOUNTS competition allowed students to compete in math-based competition on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Students from throughout the region recently had a chance to flaunt their number sense in a good-spirited competition.

Among those who participated in the annual "MATHCOUNTS" contest were West Orange's three middle schools. The event was held at Liberty Middle School on Saturday, Feb. 3. Students participating in each school's afterschool math clubs were invited to take part in this yearly event.

The "MATHCOUNTS" Competition is a national middle school mathematics contest that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of
fun and engaging "bee" style contests. Represented at the competition were 228 “Math-letes” from 29 schools in the North Central Chapter of

The format of the competition was as follows:

  • The Sprint Round (40 minutes) consists of 30 problems. This round tests accuracy, with time being such that only the most capable students will complete all of the problems.
  • The Target Round (approximately 30 minutes) consists of eight problems presented to competitors in four pairs (6 minutes per pair). This round features multi‑step problems that engage Math-letes in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving processes.
  • The Team Round (20 minutes) consists of 10 problems that team members work together to solve.
  • The Countdown Round is a fast-paced, oral competition for top-scoring individuals (based on scores in the Sprint and Target Rounds). In this round, pairs of “Mathletes” compete against each other and the clock to solve problems.


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