Hazel School Student Supply List

Get a quick rundown of what students are expected to have on the first day of school.


The start of school will be here in a few short weeks. To help parents prepare their young ones for school, some schools have posted supply lists. 

The following is a supply list for . The Patch will post others as they become available. 


First-grade supply list

-Healthy snack everyday 

- Book bag 

- Art smock (so clothes won’t get dirty in art class)

- Sneakers (to wear to school on gym days)

- Pencils

- Glue stick

- Tissue box (for class use)

- Hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes 

- Two-pocket folder

- Three-ring binder (1-inch hard covered)

- A cloth/canvas tote bag (between 12 and 14 inches)

- A name tag/luggage tag/keychain. 

- Yellow or pink highlighter

- Box of crayons (12 or 24 pack)

- Eraser

- Four Post-it pads (3x5 – any color)

- A pack of dry erase EXPO markers 

- An old, clean sock (to use as a whiteboard eraser)

- One plastic travel soap case

- Plastic Ziploc bags (Boys – sandwich size; Girls – gallon size)


Second-grade supply list

- Healthy snack everyday 

- Backpack

- Art smock

- One box of a dozen pencils

- Three glue sticks

- One 5- by 8-inch plastic pencil box

- Scissors

- One box of crayons

- One box of colored pencils (optional)


Third-grade supply list

- Pencils

- Colored pencils

- Crayons

- Glue stick

- Quiet sharpener

- Tissue box

- One red pen

- Three composition books

- Three two-pocket folders

- Smock for Art

- Sneakers for gym days

- Backpack without wheels in order to fit in lockers


Fourth-grade supply list

- Six glue sticks

- One box of crayons (24 count or less)

- One box of tissues

- A lot of sharpened pencils

- Large pink eraser

- Four highlighters (any color)

- Small pencil case to hold supplies (no hardcover cases)

- Three spiral notebooks

- Four black dry-erase markers

- Five folders (color and design of your choice)

- One clean sock

- One container of hand wipes

- One container of Lysol/Clorox wipes

- One smock for art

(And don't forget to label supplies with your child’s name!)


Fifth-grade supply list

- Five one-subject black and white hardcover marble composition notebooks (students do not need a trapper keeper or a three-ring binder)

- Five two-pocket folders

- Pens (blue or black ink only)

- Pencils

- Pencil case with zipper

- Two glue sticks

- Box of colored crayons, colored pencils, and/or markers 

- Smock (an adult T-shirt will do)

- Box of tissues

Parent August 15, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Does Hazel have standard lists for each grade and not broken down by teacher? Mt. Pleasant School's supply list are teacher specific. Is this a school by school decision or mandated by the BOE? What do other schools in the district do?


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