Decision Near for Changes to 2013-2014 School Calendar

What do you think of an option that ends school earlier but has seniors graduating on a Friday? Let the BOE know.

Editor’s Note: This story was written by Livingston Public Schools for its website.

The Board of Education will decide on changes to the 2013-2014 school calendar on Monday, October 29, President Leslie Winograd said. The board is leaning toward an earlier end to the school year while keeping a full February break .  

But the calendar under review presents several caveats:   

  • Friday graduation on June 20. The board welcomes public input at its next meeting on this cultural change from the traditional weekday graduation and how it might affect the Project Graduation celebration for religious observant seniors.
  • Allows for only two snow days. In most years, Livingston Public Schools has needed all three snow days allotted. If the calendar is approved with only 2 snow days and more are needed, snow makeup days would be taken from the Spring recess.
  • Teachers have agreed to a schedule that includes two Professional Days in August, which is allowing the BOE to consider a start date for students of September 3. 

The 2013-2014 calendar that was previously approved has school beginning Monday, September 9 and ending Wednesday, June 25. It includes a full February break, 3 snow days, and Thursday graduation. 

The Board decided to open the calendar discussion at the request of parents who asked for an earlier end of the school year. A district survey found that parents by a 2-to-1 margin favor shortening the February winter break in order to move up the last day of school. 

Board members, however, are attempting to retain the winter recess at the request of teachers and feedback from parents and students who traditionally use that break for college visitations and educational trips. 

The board hopes to also modify the school calendar for 2014-2015 and has asked the teacher’s union, the Livingston Education Association (LEA), to consider an earlier start for Professional Days in August 2015. 

The board could decide to leave the calendars as previously approved. However, in a non-formal straw poll, board members indicated a willingness to end school earlier.

The decision does not affect this year’s school calendar. The last day of school will be Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

School calendars approved by the Board of Education may be viewed on the district’s website by clicking here.

wetochwink October 20, 2012 at 02:35 PM
The BOE has a survey done, which has results of a 2 to 1 margin favor to shortening the February break and still doesnt plan to do this? What was the point of the survey?


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