By the Numbers: WOHS Ranks in Middle of Pack

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The numbers are in for the best high schools in New Jersey, and two separate rankings place West Orange High School in the middle of the pack -- both in the state and county. 

In a new ranking of the state’s high schools published this past week by Inside Jersey, West Orange High School was ranked 14 out of 35 Essex County public high schools. 

The rankings for Inside Jersey were based on the most recent High School Proficiency Assessment data released by the New Jersey Department of Education. However, according to the website, Inside Jersey “weighted the test results to give advanced scores greater value.”  

Charter schools were also included in Inside Jersey’s rankings.  

Topping the list for Inside Jersey in Essex County was Millburn, followed by Livingston. 

Median house values were also included in the rankings. All but two high schools higher in the county rankings had lower median home values than West Orange, listed at $417,000. Conversely, all the high schools below West Orange on the list had much lower median house values. 

In another high school ranking by New Jersey Monthly, West Orange ranked 136 out of more than 320 high schools statewide in 2012. According to the website, West Orange dropped eight spots from the previous year. 

New Jersey Monthly compiled its data using the 2010-11 New Jersey School Report Card scores released by the state DOE. Charter schools were excluded from the rankings “due to a lack of data,” according to the New Jersey Monthly website.

In addition, other categories and indicators factored into the rankings were: school environment, student performance, and student outcomes, among others. 

Out of 29 Essex County high schools on the list, New Jersey Monthly ranked West Orange 11th. Again, Millburn was ranked the best out of any high school in the county, and came in 8th statewide. 

john anthony prignano August 27, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Michele Where do I say Mr. Tarnoff didn't correct the problem ? However, the fact that those teachers began to correct papers proved to me that they had not been doing their jobs previous to my complaint.
Gary Englert August 27, 2012 at 03:48 AM
John Anthony Prignano: The bottom line remains that your barrage of complaints lodged here accomplish absolutely nothing. Michelle Cadeau's suggestion has considerable merit; why not pick a cause, make it your own and light a candle instead of incessantly cursing the darkness. Actions speak louder than words.
Michelle Cadeau August 27, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I don't have time to read through the posts but I thought you said that twice you had gone to him and he had said something about it. I got the feeling you felt he didn't listen. Good that he listened to you.
Michelle Cadeau August 27, 2012 at 12:59 PM
I am not at all on the same page as you. You suggest to take away the world languages? That would handicap our students when they go out in real life. So would cutting computer science. Anti-bullying is mandated by the state so it the testing. Lessons like Black History month and sex education is important and health is really important in this society in particular. AS I said I am very involved in my kids education and to say that the teachers don't need to prep anything is just ignorance. They have their hands full with prep work. Much more than they have time to do during prep time. There are 3 days designated to bad weather and if they are used we HAVE to make it up. Again, I think if we concentrate on helping the families more I think we can get stuff done here.
john anthony prignano August 27, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Michelle Let me try one last time .I've said several times that anti - bullying instruction is a State mandate. Where do I say World Languages and computer science and Black History Month and Health and Sex Education should be eliminated ? It's OBVIOUS I am talking about the lack of instructional time to adequately provide for all these curriculum mandates - many more mandates, LESS TIME. I did not say teachers don't have anything to prep .Teachers are not MANDATED to prep anything on their prep period - It's a free period, They have half the number of students of their predecessors and they have aides and Scan Tron to correct papers.,One only has to glance at the schedule to see there are days when they get more than one free period. How about a student teacher too? I wasn't talking about the 3 days designated for bad weather .I was refering to the early dismissals and late starts because of bad weather .The State considers those abbreviated days full days .You know what Michelle ? I don't think you care if the High School provides 14 days less instructional time than the State average. And I don't think you care that the grammar schools provide hundreds of hours less core- curriculum time than they used to. I think you do accept mediocrity. You're very obvious Michelle. What you really want to do is have an ongoing debate with me so I don't write directly on the subject of public education..So we conclude our discussion here. Michelle, please ignore me, I'm ignorant.


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