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West Orange CFO Charged with DWI

John Gross was arrested in Maplewood for a DWI on Thursday.


The West Orange and South Orange chief financial officer was arrested and allegedly charged with driving while intoxicated in Maplewood last week, according to the Maplewood Police Department.  

John Gross was reportedly found in his Ford Mustang at 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning on a grassy median at the intersection Springfield Avenue and Tuscan Road in Maplewood.

Gross told Maplewood police that he “swerved to avoid a dog," according to Sgt. Christopher Black of the MPD. 

Gross failed a field sobriety test. He also gave a breathalyzer reading higher than the legal limit, according to reports. 

He was briefly placed under arrest and charged with a DWI.

Gross began as West Orange’s CFO in Oct. 2011. His salary is $130,000 a year. Prior that that, Gross was Village Administrator in South Orange. 

He continues to serve as the part-time CFO for the Township of South Orange Village since Oct. 2011, with a salary of $4,500 a month. 

Attempts to reach Gross by phone and email were not returned. 

Gross is believed to have returned to work on Monday. 

West Orange Public Information Officer Jessica Glicker said Mayor Robert Parisi has no comment at this time.

Leigh-Ann Zaolino August 09, 2012 at 05:38 AM
Because we love big salaries in this town Alan, isn't that obvious? Good example? Council members in neighboring communities earn 5 grand to serve, not here...
Gary Englert August 09, 2012 at 03:01 PM
While I've met Mr. Gross, I can't say I know him well enough to offer an opinion about his professional and certainly can't speak to whether or not he has a problem with alcohol or if this was an isolated incident. Surely, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when intoxicated is a patently bad idea but, let's accept the fact that the alcohol doesn't lend itself to clear thinking to begin with. That said, the following is a summary of potential sanctions one might face upon being found guilty of DUI (first offense) in NJ: •Jail – Up to 30 Days •Fine – From $250-$400 • Fine – From $300-$500 (Blood Alcohol Level .10 or Above) •License Suspension – 3 Months •License Suspension – 7 Months to 1 Year (Blood Alcohol Level .10 or Above) •Ignition Interlock Possible •Other DWI Fees - $525 Minimum •Automobile Insurance Surcharge - $1,000 for 3 Years •Attend Intoxicated Driver Resource Center – 2 Days at 6 Hours per Day
Alan Sanders August 09, 2012 at 06:36 PM
This can cost him a bundle, especially if he does 30 days and gets docked his pay. Maybe he needs a raise to defray the expenses. Sorry, I couldn't resist!
Gary Englert August 10, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Alan Sanders: Yes, the cost of a DUI (even with the lowest possible fine) is considerable, given the the 90 day suspension, three-year license surcharge ($1,000 per) and undoubtedly an increase in one's own car insurance premium. Still, I'm inclined to think the personal embrassment and damage to one's reputation is far more costly. That said, I rather doubt a raise is in the offing and, rather than there be any perceived favoritism or conflict, the entire matter has been referred to a Superior Court judge for handling, where virutally all DUI cases are heard in the municipal court of the jurisdiction the arrest took place.
Hana Fogel October 23, 2013 at 04:14 AM
allegedly charged with driving while intoxicated???? Why allegedly charged? The writer does not believe that he was actually charged?


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