The Democratic Committee Reorganizes

Millburn and Short Hills committee held its elections this week.

At its reorganization meeting on June 8 the Millburn-Short Hills Democratic committee held elections for its organization.

The group elected former township Deputy Mayor James Suell as its Chairman replacing outgoing chairman Mike Dana , Annette Romano was voted Vice Chairman, Jennifer Baer was voted Treasurer and Abbie Gorin was reelected Secretary.

“A true democracy only works when it is engaged,” Suell said, in a press release, about his commitment to rebuilding the organization. “Voters need choices. I was part of making history once and I know that if we work together as a committee we can reestablish Millburn as a 2 party town. Millburn must once again be put first.”

Last Tuesday, June 5 the Following individuals were elected to the committee:

  • District 1-Gloris Trunk
  • District 2-Patricia Colligan Levine
  • District 2-James Suell
  • District3-Pearl Gorin
  • District 3-Peter Wolk
  • District 6-Abbott Gorin
  • District 6-Annette Romano
  • District 7-Jennifer Baer
  • District7-Dan Baer
  • District9-Tom Barrett
  • District10-Liza Hecht
  • District 10-Kevin Brown
  • District 11-Ellen Steinberg
  • District 11-Peter Humphreys
  • District  12-Larraine Barach
  • District 12- Steven Barach
  • District 16-Jane Gomez 
MarkDS June 14, 2012 at 02:11 AM
Small towns like Millburn do not need and should not have their own soup to nuts menu of services. I say hurrah for shared services and privatization. It is only way to keep some lid on property taxes. This one btw has been in the works for a long time. And my garbage is being picked up just fine. I have never had a problem putting it out at the right time and never felt entitled (or even knew there existed) special pickup. I have to assume that the prior two comments are from public employees and not taxpayers.
delotaz June 14, 2012 at 11:33 AM
As a resident if Millburn and not happy about our taxes, I do believe that things do need to change but not if it is going to affect the safety of my family. Growing up in Hunterdon County, I was very much aware and used to the state police handling calls, volunteer fire and medical services doing the job just fine and a county diapatch center that handled many towns. For the taxes I pay, I would have liked to have an opportunity to hear about this at a town meeting or even in the paper , not on comments. What is the need for this? Why does Summit dispatch for our fire department and not our own officers? What happens when we need to speak to an officer, do we then go to Livingston? Where is the explanation for all this? Can anyone verify that this is true? It seems as if Millburn is going the route of rendering our services to the hands of others. Is this really going to reduce our taxes?
MarkDS June 14, 2012 at 11:56 AM
The shared Fire dispatching with Summit was most definitely discussed at Township Committee meetings and I am quite sure voted on. A search here on Patch will bring up the relevant reports of those discussions. There is less record of anything to do with the police department and Livingston but there has also been discussion of that over a period of years. So this is hardly something coming out of the blue.
M OKeef June 14, 2012 at 01:02 PM
My impression since moving to town is that school matters are put under a nanomicroscope and discussed by the press and the community at large exhaustively while town matters are much less likely to be examined closely. The press reports on a few things and the community largely gives the Township Committee free reign on matters under its control (at least until last year's floods/power outages). Not surprising the Township Committee feels little need to engage the community on changes. Always thought this attitude of where to focus one's attention was because the community voted on the school budget and not the town budget. And I now assume the BOE will eventually get the "free reign" treatment now that community no longer will be able to vote on the school budget but clearly old habits die hard (but I do think that was what BOE was hoping for in taking away the right to vote). People seem to focus their attention on matters they can control.
delotaz June 14, 2012 at 03:40 PM
I do remember all the discussions regarding the fire department and studies being done on consolidation with other towns (which are not even in our county). I will have to review past agenda meeting notes to read on this matter. I do understand the need fight the to keep our taxes leveled but at what means do we do it. With all the crime going on in this town, is this going to help? Where is our explanation on what is going to happen to us, the taxpayers. On several occasions i have had to go to the police department and file a report, fill out a vacation form or even call for permission to have my car parked overnight (which is a whole another issue I have). How are issues going to be handled? Do we now go to Livingston police for these things? Where is the explanation for everything? Why must it be a big secret and then when something terrible happens everyone looks to see who can be blamed, what could have been done to prevent it and what do we do to prevent something from happening in the future. If a study was done for the fire department , where is the study for the police department? All I would like is to know how things are going to be handled when this happens?


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