Codey to NJ Transit: You Are Creating a Longer Day

Senator releases statement on new NJ Transit schedule.

State Sen. Richard J. Codey spoke with NJ Transit today regarding scheduling changes that have been made to trains going through the South Orange station. The changes have resulted in longer commutes for riders.

“These changes have put an added burden on people whose days are already stretched thin,” said Codey. “Parents with kids in daycare now have an additional hardship, needing to add time to their day to ensure they are able to pick up their children. This can also be a financial hardship for these families and that is unfair to both them and their kids.”

NJ Transit instituted the changed schedule last week and the result has been anger and frustration for rail riders.

A petition has already begun to revert back to the old schedule. A large portion of the station’s commuters come from South Orange, West Orange and Livingston.

Codey spoke with NJ Transit Director James Weinstein Monday who informed him the time changes and the impact they are having will be reviewed.

“The time we have during the day is already limited. We don’t need be spending it stuck on a train when we could be with our friends and family. No one would voluntarily want to be on a train when they could be home with their kids, enjoying dinner, or even just watching the game. NJ Transit needs to fix this situation immediately.  It is grossly unfair to the commuters who use South Orange Station.”

Codey recommends residents who have been negatively affected by any changes directly contact New Jersey Transit customer service at (973) 275-5555 or submit comments online at:


Scott Greenstone October 23, 2012 at 01:52 PM
People should also sign the petition and leave comments. NJ Transit informed me this morning they are getting each and every email from the petition and are collating and analyzing the comments people are leaving. http://southorange.patch.com/articles/state-local-officials-pledge-solutions-but-njtransit-says-soonest-change-is-january#photo-11844830


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