New Parking Patterns in Town

The new Parking deck will add three stories of parking for downtown Millburn but has temporary changed the parking patterns in town.

Contruction started this week on a new three-level parking deck, with 400 parking spots, on the municipal parking lot two, at the corner of Lackawanna Place and Essex Street.

Since this new project won't finish until June 2013, the town has a temporary parking plan for visitors to downtown but it will add 277 spots when completed. 

Please see attached image for new patterns.

 “There will be four phases of construction,” Gordon said, in a press release.  “The current parking lot will be bulldozed, after which the construction crew will pour the Deck’s concrete foundation.  We expect this work to be complete by Christmas.  During the third stage of construction, the crew will erect the support columns, which will be followed by building the outside walls and the interior traffic ramps.”

The lower level short-term metered parking will be available for the convenience of Downtown shoppers.  Day-long commuter permit parking will be restricted to the upper level. The second level will be reserved for business permit parking.   

Parking will be free weekdays after 6 p.m. and Sunday just like the rest of the metered parking in town. 

When completed, the township said the parking in town will be as following:

Downtown visitors and retail customers will still have access to paystation parking at Lot #1 on Essex Street across from PNC Bank, Lot #5 on Millburn Avenue between Dunkin’ Donuts and Town Hall and Lot #16 on Main Street in front of the Recycling yard.  Metered parking will be available at Lot #4 on Taylor Street behind the Millburn movie theater, Lot #7 at the Millburn train station and Lot #12 on Millburn Avenue adjacent to the Millburn Deli and Basilico Restaurant.  

With a permit, Commuter parking is available in Lot #7 at the Millburn train station, Lot #9 behind the Millburn Library and the newly-created Lot #19 at the site of the former Rimback building on the corner of Essex and Spring streets, directly across the street from the Township Fire and Police departments.

Business permit parking has been moved to Lot #4 on Taylor Street behind the Millburn movie theater, Lot #6 on Millburn Avenue between Town Hall and Michael’s Barber Shop, Lot #18 at the Township Recycling yard and Lot #19 at the site of the former Rimback building.  Vehicles with 24-hour permits will have access to Lots #6 and #7, as well as Lot #15 on Essex Street, in front of the Millburn train station. 


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