2011 Council Convenes For The Last Time

Anderton's term ends, and Spango finishes tenure as president.


Councilman Sal Anderton served on the council for the last time on Tuesday night, June 26, ending his first and only four-year term.

Among the comments about Anderton's tenure from other council members near the end of the meeting, Mayor Robert Parisi addressed the public with a few comments of his own. 

“I had the pleasure of being here a long time ...,” said Parisi. “I was counting all the people who served on the council, and every person that ever served certainly brought their own perspective, and Sal is no different.”

Parisi continued and said that, “ ... I met Sal when he was a teenager, working elections in the early 90s, and I joked even when he was sworn in four years ago that I could tell you back then in the early 90s that Sal was destined for public service: it was part of who he was.

"As the current mayor of this township I'll tell you [Anderton] it has been a pleasure to serve with you, and the township thanks you for your service. ..."  

With Anderton leaving the council, it will mark the first time in decades that the council does not have a lawyer in its ranks. 

Anderton lost his seat in the to Jerry Guarino. 

Tuesday also was the end of Councilwoman Patrica Spango’s term as president.

Councilman Victor Cirilo began the evening’s meeting by presenting Spango a plaque to commemorate her term. 

Among the issues that were passed under Spango’s term include probably the biggest development project in West Orange in some time: , which was approved by the council in March after years of planning. 

“We appreciate the effort that you have given,” said Cirilo. “We discussed, we approved, ... we had tense issues throughout the year. We worked to clear some red tape as it relates to our ordinances; we worked on ; and who can forget the redevelopment project .... 

“I was very impressed ... with the way you steered the ship. The way you made sure that the decorum was maintained as best as possible .... You did the best you could and I am really very impressed with that.” 

After receiving the plaque, Spango addressed the public. 

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president for this past year,” said Spango. “And as Councilman Cirilo said, it’s been a rough year. We have had some rough issues and there was a lot of disagreement but I had to do the best that I could and [keep] everyone’s feelings in line.” 

The new council will be sworn in on Sunday, July 1, from 2 to 3 p.m. at town hall, 66 Main St.


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