Edison Project Will Be Reviewed Feb. 21

Paperwork from developer posted online

The Edison redevelopment project will finally be discussed by the township council during the Feb. 21 meeting.

The long-promised paperwork from the developer detailing the project has been posted online on the township website.

The project was repeatedly pulled from previous meeting agendas after the township administration felt not enough information had been provided to the public or the council.

During his , Mayor Robert Parisi vowed to have the council hear and approve the redevelopment agreement in February.

"We will ask the council at a February council meeting to approve these agreements and once and for all, to move this project forward," he said last week. "This administration has always viewed it as a priority and has always seen it for the limitless possibilities it can provide to our downtown and the township."

The developer is expected to attend the meeting as well.

See attached documents for more information about the project.

badbul February 08, 2012 at 12:29 AM
If any of the clowns at town hall can't figure out what to do with the property, at least they should open the sidewalk back up for pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk and so vehicles could park close to the curb. As it is now, vehicles with passengers have to park almost 2 feet from the curb so the passenger can get out of the vehicle, a vehicle sticking out into the roadway when parked, disrupts traffic. Maybe the township will open the sidewalk back up when someone gets seriously hurt or killed.
Jonathan L February 08, 2012 at 01:02 AM
I've read the information submitted. It looks like bonds will be issued and the township can raise our property taxes to pay the bonds. Essentially, the financial burden will be on the property owners in town. Furthermore, I'd like to see specifics on the developers plans to build rental units. We should absolutely not build any more rental units in town. We need to PUT STRONG PRESSURE ON THE COUNCIL TO VETO THIS PLAN!


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