$220K Downtown West Orange Alliance Budget Approved

The township council voted Tuesday to approve the 2014 Downtown West Orange Alliance budget.

West Orange Town Hall. File Photo
West Orange Town Hall. File Photo

The township council approved the Downtown West Orange Alliance budget for 2014 at the township council meeting Tuesday.

The council unanimously voted in favor of the $220,000 budget. The township will contribute almost $61,000 to the overall budget.

Megan Brill, Downtown West Orange Alliance Executive Director stated she is very “excited” the budget was approved and believes the council has confidence in the alliance and the work they have been doing for the township.

“The board unanimously approved the budget and we are very glad,” Brill said in a phone interview with Patch. “I think the town council saw how well we spent the money last year and have confidence in us to do good things this year.”

Brill gave a presentation to the township council at Tuesday’s meeting providing an overview of the alliance, budget and what the group hopes to get accomplished in 2014. The presentation will be available on the township website soon, according to Brill.

Some items the DWOA have been working on for the new year are the new logo, new website and “Discover West Orange” television show that will be hosted by township historian Joseph Fagan, according to Brill.

“We are excited about the new logo and it has become our brand,” Brill said. “Once the alliance website gets up and running, we will be able to provide an Internet presence for every business in downtown on our website, even if they don’t have a website. The television show will be hosted by Joe Fagan and we have been able to get time for him up at the studio at the high school and the first show should air sometime at the end of January.”

Brill stated the goal of the show is for Fagan to talk about the downtown area and the entire township and inspire people to visit the area.

“We want people to visit,” Brill said. “After people see the show, we want them to want to come downtown and grab a cup of coffee and do a little shopping.”

“We are excited for this year and the alliance has the biggest participating group that it has ever had,” Brill said. 

wohopeful January 15, 2014 at 07:10 PM
"we want them to want to come downtown and grab a cup of coffee and do a little shopping.” What shopping? Hasn't Ms Brill noticed that a majority of stores are closed, shuttered and out of business or does she really think her new logo and photos in front of closed storefronts and high crime rate will be a big draw to shoppers. More likely just curious onlookers as they drive by with their windows up and doors locked. And we pay this woman 50k+ ... 25% of the newly approved budget to come up with these ridiculous statements. Clearly Gerry should gave thought twice before getting her the no-show patronage job.
Aidah January 16, 2014 at 01:28 PM
Yes the majority of buissnesses downtown are closed but the project their working on doesn't mean new buissnesses won't come in town. Every town across America has crime... The new development downtown gives the area potential for new growth keep that in mind before you bash what's not even started.
wohopeful January 16, 2014 at 08:29 PM
"The new development downtown" Exactly what new development would that be? The Prism project isn't happening because they apparently have financial issues and lack of funding. There have been multiple killings in the area, druggists selling controlled substances with no prescriptions, restaurants opening and closing overnight...the area is a disaster, but let's hope the new logo and billboards attract some shoppers.
Aidah January 16, 2014 at 09:54 PM
Can we change your name from wohopeful to wo pessimist. The construction equipment is already located on site, (seen it with my own eyes). Jan 28th construction continues, I doubt very seriously any construction would continue without finalizing the financial backing. Please keep yourself informed by keeping up with the town meetings and other updates. Furthermore, as previously stated, crimes occur in every town. There is a high police presence in the downtown area when I visit they are always in plan view not to mention there is a police station located on Main St. The crime rate in that area is no different from any other town.


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