Ellen Dickson New Summit Mayor as GOP Candidates Sweep

Summit's voter turnout is around 36 percent.

At one point on Tuesday, it seemed like it could be anyone's mayoral race. At the senior center on Chestnut Avenue, an octogenarian who considers herself a Democrat said she voted for Ellen Dickson. A patron at the Summit Diner when pressed about the election said he didn't care who won, "as long as Michael Vernotico became mayor." Another voter, who said she met with Democratic candidates at a block party over the summer said she voted for Eileen Ludden because she felt like she "knew" her.

Mayor Jordan Glatt made history as Summit's first Democratic mayor in a century and as he decided not to seek re-election, Dickson won the election that will return a Republican to office again. With three candidates seeking to take over his post, Dickson won her mayoral bid with 1,954 votes, or 39 percent of votes, topping Democrat Eileen Forman Ludden, who earned 1,699 votes, or 34 percent. Independent candidate Michael Vernotico trailed with 1,313 votes, or nearly 26 percent.

According to the unofficial polling results Dickson won the most votes in Ward I in Districts 5 and 7, earning two-times as many votes as Ludden. 

Rounding out the Repubican ticket winners were Rob Rubino, who won Ward 1 with 55 percent of the vote; Gregory Drummond who took his At-Large post with 53.6 percent; and in a tight race for Ward 2 councilman, Patrick Hurley who edged past A. Dennis White with 50.3 percent of the vote. 

Andy Smith of Summit earned 27,635 votes or 18 percent in his bid for Union County freeholder.

A total of 4,925 Summit voters took to the polls this election out of 13,522 registered voters in the city, or just over 36 percent of those registered bothered to vote. Turnout in Ward 2 was just 2.3 percent higher than in Ward I.


20 year Summit Resident November 10, 2011 at 04:09 AM
Wow Bill, You are unravelling before our eyes. What happened to talking about the Summit elections? You appear to have Fox derangement syndrome. Do you know the difference between news and opinion? You have no idea what you're talking about do you? C'mon admit it....You watch highly edited clips on Maddow or Ed Schultz and that is your sourcing. If you had any sense of American history, economics, foreign policy and capitalism you would understand how out of the mainstream President Obama is. It's getting late. I need to go to bed and you need to get back to Zuccotti Park. Sweet dreams Bill....Just remember that conservatives are everywhere, maybe even under your bed editing for patch.
Robert Steelman November 10, 2011 at 04:30 AM
Sorry did I miss something. Is there a question about the vote count and election results? Just how long will it take some of you to get over the disappointment? Your candidate did not win. For those of you that want to move forward, here is a suggestion. Find a worthwhile City project and make a meaningful contribution. The election results lead me to the conclusion that a worthwhile project is not a renewed effort to undermine your elected volunteers. Instead I think you’ll find the governing body motivated by your thoughtful participation. It might be useful to not just oppose something you don’t like but to advocate for something that will provide future benefits to the community. My top 3 are: How do you encourage City Hall to be more responsive and less costly to taxpayers? What efforts are needed to support new City businesses so they may thrive and survive? What changes are needed to planning policy to encourage appropriate reinvestment and redevelopment? It's a new day.
T Durden November 10, 2011 at 04:46 AM
...his name was robert steelman..his name was robert steelman... ..yes indeed, more responsive and less costly to tax payers...couldn't agree more...is this the group that can do that?...i guess we will see...
lisa November 10, 2011 at 01:14 PM
This whole conversation should be deleted! Sore winners, sore losers...pathetic attacks on neighbors and residents when this town has real issues to deal with. Good or bad, we need to accept the new makeup of our town council and we need to send them the mandate. Whether dem or rep, it's likely the mandate is the same.. Safety, better schools, thriving downtown, shared services, oversight of county. The differences are how we accomplish the mandate..that would be an effective conversation..not these ridiculous, offensive arguments. Do we really want these problems to be solved? If so, then let's have the appropriate argument. All these attacks are obfuscating the real problems. As to anonymous posts. We've all said it before. Good, bad or otherwise we post anonymously, especially when discussing the schools so we don't have retribution towards our children in the schools. It is what it is. It's the same explanation everytime. There is no need to continue asking.
BJ Coghan November 10, 2011 at 10:13 PM
Well said. It's so easy to be critical of others when you have not walked in their shoes. Or more practically done any of the hard work. Change is good. Even if it's not the change you wanted. Get involved. Volunteer. And move on.


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