Councilman Krakoviak Heading Slate of Candidates for May Elections

Incumbent councilman will be running with wife and former campaign manager

West Orange Councilman Joe Krakoviak announced today he will head a slate of candidates to vie for three open seats on the township council during the May elections.

Candidates Jake Freivald, Krakoviak's former campaign manager, and Clare Silvestri, Krakoviak's wife, will run alongside Krakoviak in the hopes of gaining a majority on the five-member council.

"In 17 months on the council, I've worked hard to deliver on campaign promises of greater fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability — with much success," Krakoviak said in a statement to Patch.

"However, more remains to be done to restore West Orange to the attractive, affordable community we all want it to be. To do that, I need partners on the council. Clare and Jake bring the necessary knowledge, experience, independence and passion to help the team achieve those goals."

The trio have dubbed themselves the "Krakoviak Team" and join a slew of other candidates and incumbents running for a four-year term on the council.

Council president Patricia Spango and council member Sal Anderton both . Spango and Anderton are completing their first term on the council.

Krakoviak was who was filling in the vacant council seat left by now-Mayor Robert Parisi. He won with more than 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race.

Silvestri was born and raised in West Orange. Freivald has lived in the township for 15 years with his wife and nine children.

Residents Jerry Guarino and Rodolfo Rodriguez have The two, however, are not newcomers to the election process and have previously run for council,.

The township will hold a random drawing for ballot placement March 22.

Continue to check Patch for more information on each of the candidates.

Gary Englert March 07, 2012 at 11:22 PM
This is just about the worst election campaign strategy I've ever seen. A month ago, I would have handicapped this race with the three incumbents being re-elected. Now, I think Mr. Krakoviak has shot himself in the foot by establishing a ticket comprised of himself, his wife and Jake Freivald. I'm picking Anderton, Guarino and Spango...in that order...Krakoviak in a distant 4th place, Freivald 5th, Silvesti 6th and Rodriguez last.
Joanne April 16, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Why would any resident elect to give a constant majority vote to a three people who are tied together and who will probably always vote together on every issue? What happens to the democratic process when 60% of the vote is tied together?
Gary Englert April 16, 2012 at 03:21 PM
@ Joanne: While majorities of one party or school of philosophical thought are far from unheard of in a legislative body, I simply can't wrap my head around (let alone embrace) the idea that a married couple (occupying 2 of 5 seats on the Township Council) is in any way a good idea. I also find the "transparency slate" as significantly less than that, given that they play fast and loose with how and where Clare is identified as Joe's wife. In their dealings with their church communty (where family values and traditions presumably hold some sway), Clare is a Krakoviak; on lawn signs and campaign literature, she's Clare Silvestri. Clearly, how much emphasis they wish to place on the centerpiece of "Team Krakoviak" being husband and wife is, at best, situational.
CommonSense101 May 08, 2012 at 10:54 PM
So in the end yada yada yada it doesn't matter who is keeping those seats warm there will be no change and if so it will be the councilman's nephews kid in need of a job example look at the guy who claims to balance the books LOL! Town cut how many salaries last year but pay him double. Sad thing is this is life point blank common sense 101


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