Chris Christie: 'FEMA is the New F Word'

Audience members focus on Sandy, ignore 'Bridgegate' in New Jersey governor's first town hall of the year.

New Jersey Governor's Office
New Jersey Governor's Office
Gov. Chris Christie's 110th town hall appearance proved to be a relatively subdued one as audience members focused primarily on Sandy recovery.

The New Jersey governor's public question and answer session at Middletown VFW Post 2179 Thursday was his first since the George Washington Lane Bridge closure scandal unraveled in January. However, Christie didn't field any questions on the controversy during the 90-minute appearance.

Most of the audience questions touched on Sandy funding issues in an area hard hit by the storm.

Christie voiced frustration with federal program rules he said have held up the recovery process.

"FEMA is the new F word," Christie said, critiquing the federal government's handling of the National Flood Insurance Program.
Has the Federal Emergency Management Agency and federal regulations contributed to the state's issues with post-Sandy recovery? Tell us in the comments.

Ridgewood Mom February 26, 2014 at 08:39 AM
suz, go on being a Republican. Go on supporting "the conservative way of thinking," whatever that means to you. But let's not carry on by calling people "stupid," "idiots" or telling them to "shut up." Let's not say that they are the 'F word.' Let's not close down bridge lanes or withhold Sandy relief money to punish our opponents. Let's not spend Sandy relief money on our own political campaigns… the list goes on and on. If someone says or does these sorts of things to you, or about you, then be my guest in dismissing what they have to say. Be my guest in speaking up on the Patch about how we shouldn't take what they say seriously. Call them the thug that they are. But let the power of your ideas, if there is any, lead the way.
jerseytomato February 26, 2014 at 09:05 AM
Ridgewood mom - I suppose we've all become desensitized to name calling. We see it on a Federal level, directed a conservative groups, and towards those who merely disagree with the Federal Administration's red tendencies. Names like 'Racist,' 'Bigot,' 'Right Wing Extremist,' 'Anti- Gay,' 'Hate Group,' etc. We see Republican groups being targeted by the IRS, merely because they are political opponents to the current administration. As for Christie name calling, he too, has long been called every name in the book. That however doesn't make it acceptable that he should behave in the same manner. Yet there are those who continuously judge him by his worst day. As for the cones on the GWB - I have not read where Christie has been charged, indicted, or arrested. He remains innocent until proven guilty.
BIG DADDY February 26, 2014 at 09:36 AM
In a Democratic mind, any accusation of a republican doing something wrong is Guilty no matter what.
suz February 26, 2014 at 10:03 AM
Especially when you already have a dislike for that person.
Ridgewood Mom February 26, 2014 at 10:25 AM
jerseytomato, utilization of such terms as "Racist, Bigot, Right Wing Extremist, Anti- Gay or Hate Group" do not necessarily constitute "name calling." Of course, it is inappropriate to use such terms in cases where persons are not those things. But they are descriptive terms that make points about the details of what a person might be doing wrong. They can be true and they can be false. On the other hand, terms like stupid, idiot, 'f' word' are epithets. There is a difference. For example, in a conversation about the relative responsibility of a state governor vs. a federal agency, such terms do not function descriptively. They function only as expressions of emotional disdain.


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