Police: Crime Down 5 Percent — Armed Robberies Double Since 2012

West Orange police release crime statistics for first three quarters of 2013.

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So far this year, West Orange Police have seen a 5 percent dip in overall crime in comparison with last year. However, robberies are up 65 percent with 26 robberies with a weapon reported — 14 more than 2012 at this time.  

According to reports from the West Orange police department, between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31, 2013 crime dropped to 641 incidents compared to the same months in 2012 when 673 incidents were recorded. 

Despite the drop, the concern of the township and residents has been the increase in robberies at gunpoint with 23 total this year and 3 additional robberies with other deadly weapons. 

Twelve robberies at gunpoint were reported in the same time frame in 2012 and no additional robberies with a deadly weapon. There was only one more strong-arm robbery reported this year over last year. 

Four less burglaries were reported so far this year, a drop of 3.6 percent. Burglaries with forced entry did drop about 30 percent however, which attributes the close number to burglaries to unlocked homes or failed attempts. 

Car theft is down 16.7 percent from last year. 

Additionally, one rape was reported this year — there were none reported in 2012. 

West Orange crime showed a 7.5 in the first quarter of 2013. 

According to reports obtained by West Orange Patch, during the last 10 years crime is down about 50 percent throughout town overall.

Full stats attached as PDF above. 
Tom October 29, 2013 at 09:27 PM
Lawrence perhaps you should look at the ARMED ROBBERY statistics ONLY for West Orange... It is frightening...
Lawrence McAbee October 30, 2013 at 07:04 AM
I have seen them. what I think we have lost is something that we used to call "proportional response". the upswing in armed robberies is troubling, but the right reaction is not to overreact. As a community we should be looking at the town administration and police for what they suggest to address these issues. People should not be posting comical messages predicting the end of days, nor suggesting we ask people to give up their liberty (stop and frisk). This does not mean do nothing, this means do the right thing. Perhaps an enhanced neighborhood watch (done the right way)? As long as it is done legally and supported by the police, even I would be willing to get my keister off the chair for an hour or two.
Tom October 30, 2013 at 11:22 AM
Lawrence Your attempt to trivialize the severity of the ARMED ROBBERIES in West Orange is offensive. While you worry about everything being done To the legal standards you interpret Them to be... So you can somehow feel better about yourself ...residence are at risk of being KILLED!
bbdoll October 30, 2013 at 02:46 PM
Not sure what you mean Lawrence , when you say that people shouldn't be posting comical messages. I haven't seen anything here that strikes me as funny. I paid a great deal of money for my home. My taxes have more then doubled since I moved in. The crime stats. are rising and armed robbery isn't funny nor a joke to me. I'd like to move. Not out of fear , but rather out of disappointment in my investment and my community . Now , I do have fear over being able to sell my home in this climate of high taxes and rising crime. Oh , yes , and the one lined rape item they mention in the article. Gee , could they have possibly given that any less attention ? How about we just think running for the hills makes sense Lawrence. I'm angry that I pay the taxes that I do , that I have to worry about rising crime and that I won't be able to sell my house for what its worth because of all this madness. Is that OK with you ? Stop and frisk makes sense to me although it has little to do with what I'm talking about. The situation IS and a neighborhood watch is not going to curtail it friends.


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