Police Blotter: Woman Allegedly Shoplifts $232 Worth of Cold Medicine

The following information has been provided by the West Orange Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

April 10: West Orange police arrested a 43-year-old woman on shoplifting charges after she was caught trying to leave with 37 boxes of cold medicine totaling $232 from a township pharmacy. 

Store security told police Vanessa Reed of Newark was initially seen putting two boxes of cold medicine in a black shoulder bag at the Rite-Aid pharmacy, 262 Main St. She was later seen putting an additional two boxes in the bag and heading toward the exit. 

Reed was then stopped by security and asked to empty her bag. She emptied out all of the boxes and was arrested.

Reed was taken to police headquarters and processed. During their investigation, police discovered Reed had the following outstanding bench warrants: $750 from Bloomfield, $650 from Williamstown, $200 from Camden and $417 from Newark. 

She is being held in lieu of bail.

April 11: According to a West Orange police report, a radio was stolen from the trunk of a locked car impounded by the Orange Police Department on April 5. 

The car, a 2001 Acura, was towed by Select Towing after being impounded on April 5 at 2:44 p.m.

The owner claims his radio was in the trunk of the car at the time of the impound. However, when the owner went to pick up the car on April 11, the radio was not there, even though the car was locked. The towed vehicle report did not inventory the contents of the car.

A Select Towing employee said he didn’t believe someone entered the tow yard and removed the radio because there were no signs of damage or forced entry into the vehicle.

April 12: Charges are pending against the driver of a landscaping company truck whom the assistant headmaster of Seton Hall Prep says trespassed on school grounds and allegedly stole athletic cleats for the second time in six months.

Police say the assistant headmaster at the school was told by the football coach the same white man was driving a black Ford pickup truck that was parked in the lot at the school on April 12 at 10:15 a.m.

According to police reports, the suspect exited the truck, walked towards the field house like he was looking for something and returned to the truck before leaving.

Witnesses at the school say they remember the man and the truck in a previous incident in either October or November at the school.

On Nov. 8, 2011, the suspect was told he was not allowed on school property and told school officials to sign trespassing complaints if he showed up again.


April 12: West Orange police are investigating the theft of a trailer from the rear parking lot of the site of the former Cecil’s Jazz Club. 

Police were called to 364 Valley Road by a woman who claimed her 2004 Haulmark Cargo trailer was taken sometime between 1 p.m. April 7 and 12:37 p.m. on April 12.

The white trailer with a roof rack was on the property because of an agreement between the previous property owner and the woman to allow the trailer to be there. 

The woman said inside the trailer were the following items: 3 fryers, 1 steam table, 1 cold table, 3 tents, three 40-lb.-propane tanks, 10 folding tables and 3 signs. Total value of the missing items and trailer is approximately $8,000. 

The new property owner recalled seeing the trailer on the property, but could not remember the last time he saw it there.

April 13: West Orange police are investigating the theft of a WiFi card from an unlocked car parked on Luddington Road.

The homeowner said he noticed a motion detector light go on from his bedroom window and when he looked outside, he saw a white man inside his 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.

When the homeowner yelled at the suspect, the suspect fled and headed down Luddington Road before the homeowner lost sight of him.

The WiFi card, inside the center console of the car, is valued at approximately $200, police said. 

The suspect was described as wearing light-colored Khaki pants, a dark-colored sweatshirt and a hat.

A search of the area did not find the suspect.

April 14: West Orange police are seeking a suspect who drove off after getting $61 of gasoline at a local gas station and not paying for it.

Police said the driver, described as a 20-25-year old black man, left the BP gas station at 83 Main St., in a white Jeep Cherokee that was reported stolen out of East Orange and headed north on Main Street before turning east on Park Avenue.

A police search was unable to find the suspect.

April 15: A Herbert Terrace woman told police she found two arrows that appeared to have been shot into her yard from an unknown location. 

Police told the woman to contact police if she sees anyone shooting arrows or finds additional arrows in her yard.


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