Police Blotter: Rash of Burglaries to Homes

Information provided by the West Orange Police Department

Police said an unlocked car parked on Garfield Avenue was allegedly ransacked Sunday morning. They said about $100 worth of items were taken from the car.

A car was apparently stolen while parked on Brookside Drive Sunday night, police said. The owner of the 2000 BMW told police his car was locked.

A man was arrested Sunday night after allegedly attempting to break into a home on Main Street, police said. Police received a call from a woman about a burglary in progress, according to the police report. When they arrived on scene, police said they saw a man opening a window and trying to enter the home. Authorities approached the man and ordered him to stop at gunpoint. He was taken into custody.

A home on Bradford Avenue was allegedly ransacked in the past month, police said. According to the incident report, suspect(s) gained entry to the home through a broken window. Almost $2,000 worth of items were taken from the home, police said. The break-in was discovered by a contractor hired to repair the home, authorities said.

Authorities said a house on Whitman Street was apparently burglarized earlier this month. Police said roughly $200 of household items were taken after suspect(s) gained entry through a basement window. According to the police report, drops of blood were found in the area of the broken window, possibly from a cut from the glass.

Police said a woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to burglarize a home on Mitchell Street. Authorities received a call of a burglary in progress after a witness heard two loud bangs and the sound of breaking glass. The witness told police she saw a blond woman crouching in the alley. According to the police report, Lisa Meiners, was arrested when police found she matched the description and was in the area. Police said Meiners was wearing multiple layers of clothing, had fresh cuts on her hand and was carrying drug paraphernalia. Meiners was charged with burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was arrested March 9.
Jewelry was allegedly taken from a home on Meyer Court, police said. According to the incident report, a watch and a pair of gold and diamond earring were stolen and worth about $3,400. Police said the home showed no signs of burglary but that the cleaning lady often brings unknown helpers with her to the home.

A residence on Lowell Avenue was apparently burglarized earlier this month, authorities said. Suspect(s) allegedly broke a rear window and ransacked the master bedroom, taking jewelry worth more than $1,000, police said.

A car was allegedly taken at Essex Green Plaza while at the loading dock between Macy's and GNC, police said. The owner told police his 1999 Saturn was unlocked and the keys were left inside. The manager at Macy's told police he witnessed a white or hispanic man wearing a black bubble jacket with feathers sticking out if it strangely roaming the store with a suitcase. The man then left the store, attempted to enter a white truck and then left with the Saturn, the manager told police. The man was later identified as Frank Saggese; police have a warrant out for his arrest.

A home on Oakridge Road was allegedly burglarized this month, police said. Hundreds of dollars of jewelry were taken from the master bedroom, according to the incident report. Police said the suspect(s) entered the residence by breaking a window.

A second home on Oakridge Road was also burglarized, police said. The home owner told authorities she heard her doorbell ring and a short time later heard the sound of breaking glass in the basement. She told police she heard footsteps in her basement and called the police. According to the incident report, nothing was taken from the home but witnesses said they saw a blond woman wearing a multi-colored jacket in the area. Police added that Lisa Meiners had been arrested a short time later in the area for a similar burglary on Mitchell Street. It is not clear whether Meiners was also responsible for the Oakridge Road burglary.

[Editor's note: This story was updated at 9 a.m. to clarify when Meiners was arrested and in relation to which home burglary.]

Ricky Bobby March 23, 2012 at 01:03 PM
It doesn't give the dates of when these incidents happen, she could of committed these crimes all in the same time frame without being arrest. Let's just be happy she's off the streets...as of now.
Karen Yi March 23, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Hi Ryan and Mac: Sorry for the confusion. The burglary on Mitchell and Oakridge occurred on the same day. So I believe Meiners was arrested after she allegedly committed all the home burglaries. Thanks, Karen Yi
Kevin Raposo March 23, 2012 at 01:28 PM
A common burglar usually attempts to break into 4-5 homes a day, usually around the hours of 9:00AM-12PM, so it doesn't surprise me that this occurred in one day. The good news is that she got caught! Bad news: There's still plenty of home burglars our there to take her place...... Kevin http://www.SimpliSafe.com
Ryan March 23, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Thank you for that clarification, Karen.
Debra Curry April 11, 2012 at 02:15 PM
She is not a piece of trash, she happens to have a severe drug problem and I only hope you never have to deal with something like this in your family! Although if you ever do it might teach you to have compassion. I feel terrible what she has done to people and believe it or not so does she.


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