I See London, I See France, I Don't Want to See Your Underpants!

Two CHS students consider visible underwear and muffin-toppness.

Foundation garments are a girl's best friend, says Anna. For me, from the male perspective, the best underwear is functional, comfortable, and does its job unremarkably.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of girls and guys who show their underwear, whether intentional or not. Brook Shields was in the news this week when her Spanx showed through her clothes -- and it the news in England. Yes, this stuff crosses the pond these days.  That probably wasn't intentional. 

What is intentional is when girls show bra straps and boys let their pants sag. I interviewed Anna, high school student, about this style, to get a girl's perspective:

What do girls think or say about boys' pants when they show their boxers?

No girl on the planet ever, to my knowledge, has found that attractive. Skinny guys look silly, bigger guys look muffin-toppy. Sometimes when their pants are too low, they can't walk right.

Muffin-toppy? Is that a word?

Now it is. You know what it means, right? When the waist hangs out over the pants -- girls or guys.

So why do you think guys wear that style?

Maybe to make us laugh? I don't know. 

What's the equivalent style for girls?

Probably bra straps showing under a tank top or camisole. Sort of a layered look. It's hard to pull off without making a muffin top of yourself.

Are muffin tops a big concern? 

Um, not usually, just seems to be popping up in conversation.  

Do you have any style tips?

Yes, figure out what works for the body you have -- not the one you wish you had. Dress vintage, if you need to, based on that. For me, that means some serious 50s stuff, cashmere sweaters, sweetheart necklines, capri pants etc. For you, PJ, I would suggest sort of a Gatsby 1920s vibe. You could use a linen suit and I suggest you start wearing hats.

Um, maybe next quarter. I can't see changing for PE back into a suit.

Anyway, I would like to see less underwear.  Let me repeat: visible underwear is not attractive, but if you must, absolutely must, make sure it's brand-new clean. If you're trying to dress for respect or to attract a mate, nothing grubby.

Wow, thanks. I think I need to shop now. 

Yes, you do. See you at school.

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