Six Years and Counting — to Birthday

Capturing a "big day" story through the years

Six years ago our eyes danced together for the first time. I was amazed yours were blue and your hair was blonde. Small and crinkly I thought you looked like a Gremlin. You terrified me with emotions I did not know I was capable of feeling. You stuck your tongue out at me and I swear you smiled. You had emerged and life was never going to be the same.

Five years ago we rented out a hall and celebrated your one year birthday. Relatives flew in just to see you blow out those candles. When the moment arrived, instead of blowing them out you grabbed the flame and I checked you for burn marks. You got away unscathed. We lined you and your little buddies up on the couch to take a picture.  They are moments encased in awe. 

Four years ago we had a party in our small apartment. Feeling overwhelmed with way too many people; you spent a lot of time hiding under the dining room table. At one point all the kids sought refuge from the chaos by climbing into your crib. Your younger brother was nestled in my tummy. It was your last birthday as an only child.  A new chapter was about to begin.

Three years ago you had a party with your preschool friends and danced your silly dance. You loved the birthday crown and felt so big boy. We then had another party in our new home where we tried to play piñata in the basement. In the end you all jumped on it and broke it the only way you could.

Two years ago I was determined yours would be the only birthday we would celebrate on your day since your baby brother was due on your birthday. I moved your friend birthday party up a month and transformed our basement into a racetrack complete with racing cars for you to decorate and a race course to run. Four days after your actual birthday we all went to the zoo where I ran so we could finally entice a meeting with your baby brother. Your family party ended up being a birthday/bris combination. At least it was unique.

One year ago I caved and we had the big party at a venue. It was a double party as you celebrated your fifth birthday and your baby brother celebrated his first. There was lots of jumping and bouncing and running around. We still had a small party in our house and I made birthday crowns for everyone. They were a hit and you wore yours to dinner for the rest of the month. 

This week I celebrate your sixth and your baby brothers second birthdays. You're a little man in kindergarten and full of planning ideas. You are so excited to celebrate you ask everyday if it is your birthday yet. Every day we look at the calendar and count how many days until Friday. You tell me it's taking forever. I tell you it's finally here, it's Friday. We completed a journey of 2,190 days. Tomorrow the story of the next 365 begins.

Happy birthday's biggest and littlest. The next chapters are just waiting to be told.

Jennifer Larsen March 04, 2011 at 04:14 PM
What a love letter!
Carol Kamhi March 05, 2011 at 01:23 AM
Sounds like you are building up steam for more little memories. I see it now, The Reality Show: "Neal and Jen... com' on, do it again"! Let me know if you need an agent.
Paula Moyer March 05, 2011 at 02:11 AM
What a great MOM you are. Your stories are beautifully told. I'm waiting for your Book. Go Jen! Happy B'day Alex.


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