Township Lights Menorah to Celebrate Start of Hanukkah

Members of the West Orange and Jewish community gathered at Town Hall to celebrate the start of Hanukkah by lighting the menorah.

Members of the West Orange community celebrate at the annual lighting of the menorah. Photos by Melinda Stevens
Members of the West Orange community celebrate at the annual lighting of the menorah. Photos by Melinda Stevens
West Orange residents, administrators and members of the Jewish community gathered together on the lawn of Town Hall for the annual lighting of the township menorah on Dec. 3.

The lighting of the menorah symbolizes the start of the Hanukkah season, which began Nov 28.

Prominent members of the Jewish community were in attendance to celebrate including Rabbi Mendy Kasowitz, who was also joined by his wife Altie and their children, Mark Levenson, Chairman of the New Jersey Israel Commission and Rabbi Boruch Klar and his wife Devorah.

Rabbi Klar is the designer of the menorah and has them shipped to various places all over the world, according to Rabbi Kasowitz.

Levenson had the honor of lighting the menorah and joined Rabbi Kasowitz and the rest of the attendees in song afterwards.

Mayor Robert Parisi was in attendance, along with multiple council members, and thanked the rabbis for making the ceremony possible in the township.

"On behalf of the the township, we thank you for reaching out to do this every year," Parisi said at the event.

Devorah Klar stated in an interview with the Patch at the event that the lighting of the menorah symbolizes what the Jewish community stands for.

"The whole point of lighting the menorah is to represent light and good," Klar said at the event. "Darkness usually represents evil and we create this light that overpowers that and it represents what we stand for."

Allegra December 05, 2013 at 07:51 AM
Putting "to Celebrate Start of Hanukkah" in a 12/4 headline (which was emailed out on 12/5) can only lead to one of two conclusions: A.Town officials are too myopic to know when Hanukkah began this year. B.Patch is running week-old stories. But I'm guessing it's C.No one there thought about the readers. I know this isn't earth-shattering, but it will affect how folks view your stories
Panem et Circense December 05, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Don't blame Patch. If you check the township's own Public Information outlets (at least Facebook and Twitter), info on the menorah lighting wasn't posted on either until December 3rd. I think it's West Orange Twp and not Patch who doesn't care about us OT people. :)


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