Wilshire Grand Hotel A Respite for Local Families

Eight families affected by Hurricane Sandy staying at hotel.

The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange has opened their doors to the victims of Hurricane Sandy who lost their homes from the devastating storm that hit New Jersey on Oct. 29.

The hotel is accepting room and product donations to help local families displaced from the horrific storm that left 106 dead and millions without power. 

This began when a customer who was supposed to be in New Jersey on Oct. 29 for a wedding called to cancel his room reservation.

Hotel General Manager Ed Reagoso then waived the cancellation fee because of the weather.

“When I explained we were not charging for the cancellation because we were delighted to have a room become available for a local family that’s been displaced due to Sandy," Reagoso said, "the customer requested we keep his room reservation for someone in the area that really needed it.”

“Within the next 48 hours, three other guests and business partners of the hotel offered to do the exact same thing,” he added. 

The Wilshire Grand Hotel offered to match all donations and room reservations that were donated to the hotel for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Word quickly spread through hotel's blog and social media and within three days, the hotel received cash donations, Starbucks gift cards, toiletries and non-perishable goods for neighbors in need.

The Wilshire Grand Hotel is currently housing eight families in the hotel that lost their homes from Hurricane Sandy and has set up a relief for families that are still without power. 

Sherley Jean-Baptiste November 13, 2012 at 10:55 AM
They're also very generous with our local schools. Proud to have such business in our community.


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