What's Happening in West Orange Synagogues

This week's focus returns to Congregation Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob & David.

As we are in the heart of the winter we are doing as much to keep busy and warm here at Congregation AABJ&D.

We have had many educational and social events that have been enjoyed by all of our congregants.

Our youth directors, Daniella and Dovi are always busy planning fun and exciting activates making sure that ouryouth department has the most fun possible.

Mishmash, a fan favorite, has been a hit amongst the children and the parents. The children have also had the opportunity to enjoy ice cream Kiddush’s, a Shabbat walk to Daughter’s of Israel, boys and girls learning groups and so much more.

We are all anxiously awaiting our Annual Purim Carnival. This event is always a huge success. We look forward to all of the upcoming events that are in store.

The children of the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School returned from their winter vacation and are back to being busy and working very hard.

The children are back to filling our halls with the sounds of singing and laughing - We love it!

This week started our Tiny Tots program which is a program designed for our two year olds. This is an exciting time for our parents and our little ones as they begin their first real school experience.

This past Sunday, the nursery school hosted their annual Daddy Day, where the fathers joined our students for a regular morning, classroom routine and breakfast, in order to see the daily schedule of our children and how hard they work here in school.

As we are fighting the cold weather, our Camp Shemesh Director, Sura Rozenberg is in full swing getting ready for another awesome and fun filled summer.

For more information regarding camp, please contact Sura at aabjdsummercamp@gmail.com or check out the Camp Shemesh page on our Shul website.

Our Adult Education Department has been very busy planning successful, enjoyable and educational programs forus all.

We just had the pleasure of welcoming Scholar In Residence – Rabbi Natan Slifkin “The Zoo Rabbi.”

We had the opportunity to hear Rabbi Slifkin speak three times over Shabbat on the topics of “Rationalism vs. Mysticism,”,“The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought”, “Untangling Evolution” and on Motzei Shabbat,  a lecture and PowerPoint presentation on "The Challenge Of Dinosaurs."

Looking forward to more upcoming Adult Ed programs….

We are hard at work and looking forward to our Annual Zayin Adar Melaveh Malkah.

Featuring guest speaker, Rabbi Dovid Cohen, MSC, senior Rabbi at the Young Israel of the West Side, NYC, speaking on "Moshe Rabeinu: The Self-Effacing and Unassuming Leader."

As we commemorate Moshe Rabeinu’s yarhzeit, remember our loved ones and pay tribute to our volunteers.

Shabbat Tetzaveh/ Zachor we look forward to our annual Shabbat Shalem, its Shabbat of Inclusion, to coincide with National Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month.

This year, the Leil Limud program will feature 5 incredible speakers who will focus on emotional pain and challenges, on how to help ourselves and help others feel better.Watch for flyers this week for specific speakers and houses.

Additionally, there will be two PowerPoint presentations of Megillat Esther, in both the Sephardic and upstairs minyanim.

In the main minyan, our newly acquired infra-red hearing system will be utilized for the first time during the reading of Megillat Esther. As part of increasing our awareness of the challenges to people with hearing impairment, Rabbi Robert Grosberg will speak during Seudah Shlisheet of the Halachot that affect people with hearing challenges and deafness. We encourage all members to join us in these programs and help make our congregation as inclusive as possible."

Together on Tuesday, is successfully providing great programs for our seniors. Debbie Druce is hard at work preparing each and every event to ensure our Together on Tuesday members have a great time. The program meets every Tuesday.

The programs are social, intellectual and educational. Knowledgeable speakers on Judaism, current events, politics and the arts are invited. One needn't be a member of the congregation in order to participate.

For more information about our program or schedule or any other information contact Seniors Coordinator, Debbie Druce at 973-736-1407 x240 or email her at, srstot@gmail.com.

If you ever find yourself with some free time and want to learn a little Torah, please feel free to listen to Rabbi Zwickler’s Web Dvar, which can be found on the homepage of our website, www.aabjd.org, just click on the WebDvar banner to access. Please feel free to browse our website for any upcoming events that may spark your interest.

We are all looking forward to our upcoming 47th Shul Dinner, on March 9, 2013, Honorees: Shari & David Cherna Rabbi Alvin & Marylin Marcus Keter Shem Tov Award: Rose & Gary Scharlat, Young Leadership Award: Rachel & Joel Segal, and Lifetime Achievement Award: Mickey Weiss.


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