Local Gun Control Group Takes on Washington

Million Moms for Gun Control is rallying in Washington and a local resident has organized a charter bus.


, and is looking for others who want to come along. The Million Moms for Gun Control are joining the January 26 March on Washington to take their message the the nation's leaders. Harrington is organizing a bus that will take locals from Maplewood to the nation's capital.

When the shooting occurred  in Newtown," said Harrington, "I looked at the photos of the children killed and was overwhelmed with sadness and anger. I have channeled my anger I have towards our country for its lack of gun control by donating, writing, and calling and now I am ready to march."

Harrington is hoping that a chartered bus, such as the Vanderhoff bus she has reserved, will allow locals to attend the march. She plans to leave Maplewood at 6 a.m. on January 26 and arrive in Maplewood late the same night.  Harrington anticipates leaving Washington around 4 p.m., when the march concludes. She explains the cost is about $30 per person.

"I feel marches are important to bring public awareness and ultimately change," said Harrington.  "I am proud to live in this community, we sought it out. I hope to bring like minded people together and help to create a  stronger voice for gun control. The NRA is very passionate and determined, people for gun control  must exceed them in passion and willingness to take action."

To contact Heather Harrington to find out more, or to reserve a spot, email:



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