Local Food Pantry in Need of Baby Supplies

Township's food bank asks residents for help with donations

The township's food pantry currently is experiencing a shortage of baby supplies.

"We try not to use our monetary donations to purchase non-food products and though we belong to the New Jersey Food Bank in Hillside, we can't always get the food products we need," said Cynthia Cumming, one of the coordinators at the Holy Trinity-West Orange Food Pantry. "It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help us out with diapers, especially sizes 3, 4 and 5, jars of baby foods, formula and baby wipes."

Cumming  said while though the West Orange Food Pantry has become members of the New Jersey Food Bank this year, they rarely have diapers, wipes or jars of baby food available.

"We were able to get several cases of baby cereal, but not jars of food," she said. "The Holy Trinity-West Orange Food Pantry is an emergency food pantry that offers primarily non perishable food items to families struggling, particularly at the end of the month. We hesitate to purchase diapers out of our donations because they are non-food items, but the need is still there."

The pantry is located at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 307 Main St., West Orange. Fore more information, call (973) 325-0369.


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