Everyone was a Winner at Family Game Show Night!

Families at Mount Pleasant Elementary School Enjoyed a Fun-Filled Evening

What a great night! The Mount Pleasant PTA treated the school community to an incredible free night of sheer excitement, laughter and just plain good ole fun, at this year’s annual Family Game Show Night, at Mount
Pleasant Elementary School. Parents and children competed in Game Show contests, Simon Says, Tug of War, Name That Tune, and so much more.

Families competed in 1 minute-and 30-second Game Show trivia games by showing off their knowledge of math, geography and history. The teams with lower scores at the end of each round had the chance to catch up, via 30-second silly physical challenges, like tossing Frisbees onto plungers, which were stuck to parents’s heads, and tossing balls into baby potties (also located on parent’s heads). Challenges also consisted of jumping rope, dancing, and hula hooping.

“I always love the tie-breaking physical challenges,” said Principal Michael
Schiavo, a 12-year veteran of the event, who donned a plunger on his head for a win later on in the night.

Host, Allen Strauss, Owner/Founder and CEO of Hollyrock Entertainment, worked the crowd like a true pro—interspersing Game Shows, with 60-second scavenger hunts for car keys, police badges, Band-Aids, mirrors, sports logos, as well as for dads carrying moms, dads going bald, or needing to lose weight, and moms carrying dads and moms with dyed hair. You had to be quick on your toes to keep up! But the fun was also in hearing the host’s comments.

“Wow, does every mom at this school dye her hair,” joked Strauss when a huge crowd of moms loomed near for their prize tickets.

And then there was a very tricky game of Simon Says, which had every child in awe. Strauss was quick. Just when you thought you had braved one of his trick directions, he razzed you with the next one. Three very smart boys proudly won—and boy did they earn their prize tickets!

“I love the non-stop action and energy,” said mom, Pooja Bhatnager, after the game.

Next, the Moms beat the Dads in Tug of War, and the Dads beat the Moms in Brain Challenges. But the highlight of the night was when the super-smart 5th graders beat the parents in a Game Show. The grand prize, which was presented—in jest, by Allan, was for “all of the kids in attendance to be able to stay up all night,” and receive money from their parents for bowling, movies and horseback riding. And, it certainly beat the alternative—never saying, “No,” again, always taking out the garbage and keeping their rooms clean forever. It was no wonder that the kids erupted in cheers with this win!

While attendance was free, laughter was expected and having fun was required, the 5th graders benefitted through monies raised for their graduation fund, via a concession stand, and the PTA raised $190 in a 50/50 raffle, due to the generosity of the raffle-winning family that donated their half of the winnings back to the PTA.

Other prizes included gift cards to West Orange-based businesses including McDonalds, Burger King, Cold Stone Creamery, Fortissimo and GameStop.

“This was the best family fun night ever,” said mom, Tracey Brosnan.

And, she was right!


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