Booing God, Saying 'Sorry' and Other Democratic Actions This Week

How does Obamas's view the death and violence waged against our fellow citizens this week?

Last night, I was at the American Legion Post 251 in Duluth, presenting them with a painting entitled, “Their Sacrifice, Our Gratitude.”  I was in the presence of greatness.  I was in quiet fear that I should even be in the same room with these heroes during their private meeting. These men fought for our American ideas. These were the men I often raise funds for and speak in support of.  I felt unworthy to be at their inner meeting. They were leaders when their country asked for their lives and youth.  Now years later, they still gather together as a band of brothers to still support their country now in a different way.  

They welcomed us.  After giving me the specifics of the meeting that we were involved in, they made serious mention that when I got up to speak and passed by the American flag, on the way to the microphone, I was to place my hand over my heart, in respect of our American flag. I was unaware of this protocol.  I will never forget their deep resolve of them wanting me to realize that our flag was worthy of respect, even at a meeting in little Duluth, Georgia, on a Tuesday night at 7:30 pm.  Respect the American flag when I pass by it, respect this Lady of Liberty, for she stands as a testimony to the lives and cost of our freedom that these very men fought for.    

I saw Miss Liberty being town apart and battered on foreign soil this morning.  Where was the respect from our president when that very same symbol of America was attacked this week? Nowhere. Where was Team 6 of the Seals?  Let’s face it, Obama took credit for Seal Team 6’s killing of Bin Laden.  So, will he also take credit for the deaths of four Americans and the destruction of two of our embassies and the desecration of our American flag? 

When the Egypt embassy was attacked, what did our leader say to our country and to the world?  Then, when the unnecessary death of the top US diplomat in Libya died, where was our leader?  Where is the president? What does the free nation leader have to say about this murder?  In the vein of a true leader, what does he do?  He sends out Hillary to say “Sorry!”  Her own words speak loudly about the lack of leadership in Washington when she said, “I ask myself how could this happen?" That one sentence said it all, for Hillary knows to what ends her own husband went through to keep us safe during his term. Obama has no foreign policy to speak of.  Our allies are demanding meetings about world events and he is "Unable to work it into his schedule.” For those who yelled, “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive,” as a reason for voting or Obama in November, now what do you tell yourselves to quiet your fears? 

Obama has simply refused to engage in anything other than an apology tour and again he retreats to an apology when crimes are committed against our fellow citizens.  Last time we had a leader of one of our embassy killed was when Carter was in office.  Cater was another liberal that believed that “playing nice” would be our world foreign policy.  Do we really want to go back to hostage days?     

Back to Hillary. Let’s send out Hillary to calm the reporters and speak for America. Send out Hillary. The media was searching for the American answer to the last 48 hours of murder and destruction. Who would step up and fill the void? We were waiting to hear strong words against those who would attack our own,but all he said was we feel your pain for religious freedom, nothing about our flag or our embassy.  Next morning we wake up to another embassy being attacked but, this time four fellow citizens are now dead.  It was only after Romney’s press conference did our country hear words from the four-year long leadership vacuum that is Obama, our current president.  Obama still is hooked on this as a “religious event” and not an American security issue. He still does not get it. Please go see 2016 before you cast your vote. It is a movie that would have predicted the actions of Obama today.

Finally, a man of leadership qualities and fortitude did speak up. He stood firm in his words about the violence against America. It was not Obama, it was presidential candidate, Romney.  It was only after Romney spoke that Obama finally faced our nation, better late than never will be the rally cry of the democrats.  He miss spoke with out all the facts, nice try.  We were waiting. We wanted to be reassured that he was doing something, anything to stop the violence.  Bush directed all planes to be grounded, taken right out of the sky, to the nearest airport, immediately.  Obama, he finally ordered the beefing up the security around the world. DUH!  It is 9/11 week, why wasn’t that directive sent out last week? In light of the changes in the world over the last year, WHY would you not send out directives earlier or at the very least send in the Marines!  Oh yeah, Obama sent them in today, a day late and four lives short!   

Let me state that when American citizens, working at an American embassy are murdered, when our Ambassador is murdered, when our flag is torn apart, and our enemy’s flag is flying over our governmental compounds, I want more than a second day apology from the “president!”  Why did he even bring Hillary out to stand beside him? Why indeed? She had already given her speech but it did not quiet the press and so he had to speak and speak he did. Listen to him mumble over his words about our country.  He is firm about the religious freedom and less resolved about our America.   

When will my fellow Americans open their eyes to the vast changes to the Democratic party.  When you look at some of actions from the Democratic convention delegates, as they booed God and couple that with the the 911 embassy attacks, one can only wonder what has become of the Democratic party.  The horse is out of the barn and now he "tries" to act like a president.  Leadership is born within times of trial. Obama did not use this trial well.  A community organizer does not make a president. 

His entire presidency has been about apologizing and saying, “Well it could have been worse!”  Really?  Worse?  So we wake up today and guess what - it is worse!  He dismisses Israel president’s request for a meeting, on the major issue of Iran’s nuclear program.  Treating our allies in a demeaning manner will only bring anger and fear to them.  They do not have a straight idea of our place in the world anymore.  Obama’s followers are lacking in the ability to judge America’s place of leadership in the world. Come to think of it, really we are no longer the leaders of the world, we are a scared little boy standing in fear of the bullies that are attacking us.  When Bush and Reagan were in office, they understood the saying, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”  Obama manta is “Say your sorry and cower!”  Poor example of a leader and yet many sing his praises. 

The Obama apology tour has led us to this place in our history.  What is the next step?  Everyone knows you don’t deal with terrorist, you strengthen you resolve and move forward.  If you are a Christian, then you should be questioning your leader and your party actions this past week.  Booing God?  Really?  Booing God, I never thought I would live long enough to see that in our country.  Now if you call yourself a Democrat, I just shake my head in disbelief that you would continue to follow this party. I often wonder, HOW the citizens of Germany allowed Hitler to gain power and commit such crimes, but then again I never thought I would see an American boo God; not once, not twice, but three times and on national TV! Check yourself- do you fly a flag outside of your home and if so is it Old Glory? God Bless America and God help us all. 

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Chris September 18, 2012 at 04:59 PM
@Brian Crawford, How about informing the unwashed why you guys accuse G.W. Bush of lying while you defend Obama on the apology accusations. Please be very clear how it is that Bush lied. Facts!
Racer X September 18, 2012 at 05:09 PM
In those Snopes pictures did anyone else notice Obama's chair has chrome wheels?
Racer X September 18, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Brian- If the purpose of posting that video link was to illustrate how poorly and unprofessionally the far left handles debate then you have succeeded. She asked the man several questions then interrupted him in the middle of his answers. Very poor journalism in my opinion.
Cynthia Montgomery September 18, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Cj, I am at odds when a person/demo continues to support a mindset that has friends of mine loose their homes, jobs, ability to feed their children, maintain healthcare & in some cases their families fracture due to the stress. I have watched college graduations knowing that these graduates have very little chance to become independent adults. I see needy friends that can not get the care they need because too many, whom should NOT be on the government rolls, continue to cheat the system & now want this way of life to be their way of life. Many things are wrong with our country. I know it can be changed. I've seen a president make it happen before. I thank obama for his years in the White House yet, I know we can do better. Today if you have a job, you are rich in obama's mind. Those that think living off the labor of others is a lifestyle, are wrong. I have issues with obama growing the government with his healthcare program. We can't fund SS now so why add another entitlement program? It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country & vote for a new direction. I thank him for his efforts but we can't make this same mistake again. Every party is flawed. Each man & woman is flawed. Everyone who post here is flawed yet, it is time to change directions for the good of our country. The world now sees us as weak. We are being attacked & murdered at will, due to our leader's weakness. You have to understand your enemy to overcome him & our enemy get's obama. Sad!
Tammy Osier September 18, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Chris, my son was there. They did find the underground missiles. They did find yellow cake - a lot of it. Sadaam had already killed thousands of Kurds, scudded missiles into Israeli territory, and slaughtered his own people. Nuclear weapons, like any other weapons, are only dangerous in the hands of outlaws of which Sadaam was. Iraq's government is no longer hostile to America. It is grateful to us for freeing them from Saddam, who would rather spend money on palaces and yellowcake than on feeding the Iraqi people. Ask my son he was there. Oh, and he also was a part of a mission uncovering propaganda. Guess which newspapers they found? Liberal ones -lolol (This is where George will come on here once again to tell me my son doesn't know what he's talking about- even though George has never been there).


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