Barre3 Brings 'Intense Workout' to Residents

Classes include a mixture of yoga and Pilates, combined with a dancer's workout.

One of the hottest fitness routines has come to Livingston.

Barre3, which combines yoga and Pilates with ballet barre, has opened on South Livingston Avenue.  The 60-minute class is designed to "strengthen, lengthen and develop leaner muscles in the healthiest way possible," said owner Nora Yi.

Barre3 was started in Portland, OR by famous fitness guru Sadie Lincoln.  According to their website, it’s a “unique 3-step sequence creates the strength of an athlete with the long, lean, graceful lines of a dancer.”

  1. Isometric holds to align and strengthen combined with small range of motion to get deep into the muscles until failure.
  2. Low impact dynamic movement to energize and elevate the heart rate.
  3. Seamless recovery stretch to elongate and prepare the body.

The class involves yoga, Pilates and the essence of ballet barre, according to Yi.  Light weights are used and Yi says that “we use upbeat music to get the girls going.”

“You just need to come here with water,” said Yi.  “We provide the mats, equipment and everything else you need (to participate in the class).”

Barre3 has no levels of difficulty.  The instructors are trained to altar the routine based on a resident’s needs.

“Our strategy is that we start with basic movement and layer on for people more advanced,” said Yi, a resident of Short Hills.  “We provide modifications for those with special needs as well.  You can be any size or any age.  We will make you feel comfortable and cater to your needs.”

The Livingston location is the first Barre3 to open in New Jersey.  It opened in October and a Morristown location opened soon after.  Yi says she opened the Livingston affiliate after seeing how the workout affected her physically.

"I got into this because I've always been very conscious about fitness awareness," said Yi.  "I used to have problems with my knees and lower back because of my intense workouts.  What I loved about this particular workout is that I can get just as intense of a workout without hurting my knees or back."

Classes are scheduled daily.  Residents can call Barre3 at 973-992-0100 or e-mail them at livingston@barre3.com.


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