Local Producer Releases “A Dangerous Place” Thriller

“A Dangerous Place” is available on Blueray, DVD, Video on Demand, Netflix and Amazon.

Local filmmaker and Associate Director of the State Film Office, David W. Schoner, Jr., releases “A Dangerous Place” today on Blueray, DVD, and Video On Demand.

Schoner, a Cedar Grove resident of 16 years and producer of the film, has been working on “A Dangerous Place” since 2007.

The film has received numerous awards including Best Feature at the Real to Reel Film Festival in North Carolina, Best Feature at The Film Festival of Colorado and the Audience Award at the Garden State Film Festival.

According to Schoner:

The riveting, action-packed film stars Kristen Dalton (Jack Reacher), Sal Rendino (TV’s ER), and Kevin Interdonato (TV’s The Sopranos). Paranoia overwhelms a pharmaceutical executive (Kristen Dalton) when she discovers her company is intentionally poisoning the public in order to profit from the antidote. On the run, with no one to trust, she is the only one who can save the nation from the deadly epidemic.

The film uses the quote by Albert Einstein who said, “The world is A DANGEROUS PLACE, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do nothing about it.”

“Its really current in todays climate, for several different reasons,” said Schoner. “You have to do something when something is affecting you. One of the themes is when an ordinary person has to do the extraordinary and rise to the occasion.”

Schoner has always had a passion for film and used to save his money from a local paper route to produce short films as a teenager growing up in Belleville.

He now works full time as the Associate Director of the State Film Office and is the co-founder of Corrado Schoner Films Entertainment with writer and director Gregory J. Corrado of Jersey City.

“Our movie puts you in a dangerous place: the real threat of a terrorist attack is ever present,” said Corrado. “You can feel it in every airport, every train station, and even at the local football game.”

The film, released on January 8, 2013 can be found on Amazon, Netflix and Video on Demand.


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