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Guerilla Galleries Presents




MONTCLAIR, NJ (Aug 2nd-Sept 4th)


 The Red Eye Café is the newest addition to the ecletic melting-pot of food, art and culture that is already thriving in Montclair, NJ. It’s subway tiled walls, exceptional food and life-restoring coffee are the perfect bockdrop for a series of accesible, yet exceptional art exhibits. Like the coffee houses of old where “HOWL” could be heard on the lips of aspiring poets or the dynamic conversations about content over technique by emerging artists, the RED EYE evokes that same quality as a hot house of expression and individualuty in the arms of a welcoming community.

To that end, Guerilla Galleries is proud to present the CAFÉ SERIES hosted by the RED EYE CAFE. Monthly solo exhibits of both emerging and established artists working in a myriad of disciplines, styles and mind-sets displayed before a hungry audience for both incredible food and stimulating art.

The second exhibit in the series is the work of Heidi Sussman:


Artist Statement
For nearly forty years, I have been creating photographic images, minoring in photography at Emerson College in Boston years before there were enough photo courses available to pursue a major. I continued postgraduate studies at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel, Mexico and since I believe that the study of photography has been a lifelong process, I continue to take classes and workshops near and far from my home in Essex County, New Jersey.

As far back as I can remember, I had a visual artistic journey and photography became my medium of choice. I could capture the mundane or harsh realities of life as I did when working for a newspaper as an award winning photojournalist, or view the world in the abstract creating fine art images that clients purchased to hang on the walls of their homes and offices.

My journey has been a long, strange trip indeed, filled with peaks and valleys, as well as plateaus which included prolonged periods of time was when I paused my career as a professional photographer and incorporated photographs into my graphic artwork as I created visual displays for the event planning and decorating business I owned and operated for many years.

Now I have returned to my photography full time and have recently begun to show my work again. Always in love with a photographic image whether it is a person, place or object, my subject matter has always been varied. I invite you to visit my gallery where you will find various portfolios based on some of my favorite themes.



About Guerilla Galleries

Guerilla Galleries (GuGa) was founded and is directed by Stan Sudol and Christine Wagner, two artists who wished to exhibit their own art, as well as other established and emerging artists, in a new and innovative manner.  They have approached the gallery in a new fashion by providing an ever-changing venue tailored to the artists and works being exhibited.  They strive to create, market and execute professional, high-impact exhibitions where the artwork takes first priority. 



About the Red Eye Cafe

After 15 years of experience behind the bar at Montclair's destination coffee shop, Cafe Eclectic, Anthony Brinton has moved on. The Red Eye Cafe, owned and operated by Brinton, will expand upon the traditional coffee house, providing an innovative, modern comfort menu with influences ranging from Dixie to Vietnam. But fear not, the caffeinated Montclair mainstay has not strayed far from his roots. The goal is to encourage customers to enjoy the classics - cappuccinos, lattes, the eponymous signature drink - as well as invite them to be daring. For those who miss the salad days at Eclectic or are tired of sterile, mainstream "cafes", The Red Eye, is a breath of fresh air.




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