What's Happening at West Orange Synagogues?

This week's focus returns to Congregation Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob & David, 700 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange.

As we are in the heart of the winter we are doing as much to keep busy and warm here at Congregation AABJ&D.

We have had many educational and social events that have been enjoyed by all.

Our great and dynamic youth directors, Daniella and Dovi are always busy planning fun and exciting activates for our children to enjoy. Mishmash has been a success and a hit among the children and their parents. The children also have enjoyed a movie night, challah baking, great and educational learning programs and much much more. We look forward to all of the upcoming events that are in store.

Nursery School News
The nursery school has been filling our halls with the sounds of singing and laughing. The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School and Camp Shemesh at AABJ&D hosted their Second Annual Inspirational Evening for Women at The Synagogue for the Suburban Torah Center in Livingston. This event featured Mrs. Rivka Slonim, who spoke on the topic of "Maintaining a Happy Home."

Mrs Slonim is an amazing and dynamic speaker and author who has inspired audiences around the country. This event was a huge success and all the women had a great time.

Adult Education
Our Adult Education Department has been very busy planning successful, enjoyable and educational programs for us all.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Scholar In Residence – Rabbi Jeremy Stern – during Shabbat Vayishlach.

Rabbi Stern serves as the Executive Director of the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA), a nonprofit organization which advocates against the abuse of the get (Jewish divorce) process.

Rabbi Stern frequently lectures on issues of domestic abuse, the interplay between the Jewish and American legal systems and the role of the Jewish community in preventing and counteracting get-refusal.

Rabbi Stern spoke on "Women Unchained: Resolving the Agunah Crisis" and "The Communal Imperative to Condemn Abuse."

We also enjoyed hearing from Davidi Perel, Mayor of Gush Etzion. Juggling a normal life in abnormal times…Gush Etzion under the new leadership of Mayor Perel and the impact of the war in the south and the rockets on the GE communities.

His entire life has been interwoven with civil service in the Zionist spirit on behalf of the people of Israel and Gush Etzion.

Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Yona Reiss during Shabbat Vayigash was also a fan favorite. Rabbi Reiss, a noted Torah scholar, attorney, and jurist, is the Max and Marion Grill Dean of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

Rabbi Reiss is a summa cum laude graduate of Yeshiva College, and went on to receive his law degree from Yale Law School, where he was senior editor of the Law Journal. He received his rabbinic ordination from RIETS, where he also earned the distinction of Yadin Yadin.

Rabbi Reiss served as director of the Beth Din of America from 1998 to 2008.

In his directorship of the Beth Din, Rabbi Reiss worked to resolve cases of agunot and popularize the use of the RCA pre-nuptial agreement as a protection against future agunah problems.

Rabbi Reiss spoke on “The Power and Limitations of Jewish Justice,” “Conflicts Between Torah Law and Secular Law,” and “The Future of the America Rabbinate Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?”

Looking forward to more upcoming Adult Ed programs.

Our Sisterhood, once again did an outstanding job with their Annual Café Night. There was a great turnout of people who enjoyed a delicious dinner, Chinese auction with awesome prizes and great entertainment from Josh Beckerman, Magician & Entertainer Extraordinaire.

Josh Beckerman has been entertaining the masses since the age of 4. His verbal dexterity is matched only by his astounding command of sleight-of-hand. He has amused audiences at corporate events, private parties, charity events and restaurants around the world. He can be seen regularly at parties, events and restaurants around New York City.

Together on Tuesday
Together on Tuesday, is off and running with great programs for our seniors. Debbie Druce is hard at work preparing each and every event to ensure our Together on Tuesday members have a great time.

The program meets every Tuesday.

The programs are social, intellectual and educational. Knowledgeable speakers on Judaism, current events, politics and the arts are invited. One needn't be a member of the congregation in order to participate.
For more information about our program or schedule or any other information contact Seniors Coordinator, Debbie Druce at (973) 736-1407 x240 or email her at srstot@gmail.com.

If you ever find yourself with some free time and want to learn a little Torah, please feel free to listen to Rabbi Zwickler’s Web Dvar, which can be found on the homepage of our website, www.aabjd.org, just click on the Web Dvar banner to access.

Please feel free to browse our website for any upcoming events that may spark your interest.

Shul Dinner
We are all looking forward to our upcoming 47th Shul Dinner, on March 9, 2013, Honorees include Shari & David Cherna. Rabbi Alvin & Marylin Marcus of the Keter Shem Tov Award recipients Rose & Gary Scharlat, Young Leadership Award recipients, Rachel & Joel Segal and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Mickey Weiss.


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