West Orange Girls Bring Teddy Bears in for a Checkup

St. Barnabas Hospital held a Teddy Bear Clinic on July 18.


Sisters Catherine and Sarah Topps of West Orange brought their dolls to the Saint Barnabas Teddy Bear Clinic on July 18 which they call the “doll hospital,” according to a press release. 

While 7-year-old Catherine’s doll, Sally, was a “tinsy bit nervous,” 5-year-old Sarah admitted her baby Bitty was “totally scared.”

Catherine said that Sally actually had eight different medical issues, but the most important was a broken arm she got when she fell off her bike. 

“I brought them to the Teddy Bear Clinic to walk them through the steps, so if they ever needed to go to the hospital, they would see it wasn’t so scary,” she explained their mom, Eileen Topps. 

The following was taken from a press release issued by the St. Barnabas Medical Center.  


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