Shul Spiel: What's Happening in Local West Orange Synagogues

This week, Patch focuses on the Lubavitch Center Shul.

Dear Friends,

This past Friday night, Nov. 11, we celebrated a delightful Shabbat dinner with a wonderful speaker, Cantor Lenny Mandel, who was amusing and engaging in song. He shared memories of riding through the South on his motorcycle, his hilarious jokes and his magnificent singing! 

Monday’s JLI’S ‘Fascinating Facts’ Course
Monday nights we have a large group of people attending our Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) course entitled, “Fascinating Facts,” an interesting six-week course that explains many of the mysteries and myths within Judaism.  You are welcome to join at any point — even in mid-course. Each lesson has its own subject. Please call (973) 486-2362 if you are interested in attending. The course runs through Dec 12, with classes beginning at 7:30 p.m. 

Tuesday ‘Yeshiva Nights’
Tuesday nights are Yeshiva Nights, an opportunity to learn with students from the Rabbinical College of America.  Eager participants are so excited with the opportunity to study “yeshiva style” with aspiring rabbis. The attendance has been great and we are looking to continuing this program throughout the school year.  Please let us know if you’d like to attend. 

For further information, please contact Rabbi Mendy Kasowitz at rabbimkas@gmail.com or by calling (973) 486-2362. 

Last Shabbos, we celebrated the 50th birthday of Leslie Starr. Kiddush was sponsored by Seth and Chana Chosak in honor of Seth’s birthday. This Shabbos, Kiddush will be sponsored by Steve Stein in honor of his birthday. 

Friday, Nov. 18
Light Candles: 4:19 p.m. 

Parshah Chayei Sarah - Genesis 23:1-25:18
Shabbat ends: 5:20 p.m.


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