Sesquicentennial Heats up in April

Activities include penny drive, sports lecture

The Township of West Orange's is building excitement during April with the WO 150 Penny Drive at the local schools and a special lecture at the library titled "Significant Achievements in West Orange Athletics & Sports."

Students in each of the public schools are collecting unused and unwanted pennies and bringing them to their classrooms, in hopes of winning the prize for the most pennies — tickets for the entire class to attend the Zerbini Family Circus scheduled for Sunday, July 1 , 2012. Additionally, each of the students will be receiving a commemorative WO 150 cup funded through a donation by .  

WO 150 Chairman Bill Kehoe encouraged the community to rally behind the drive, "We hope all the adults out there will help the kids by donating those pennies left lying around on the nightstands." The pennies will pay for the circus tickets given to the winners.

"The Coach" Joe Suriano will make a very special presentation as part of the WO Sesquicentennial Lecture series at the on April 19 at 7 p.m.  "Significant Achievements in West Orange Athletics & Sports" will highlight some of great teams from and Mountain High School that achieved state wide acclaim. Players from many of the teams are slated to be in attendance to provide their personal recollections.

For more information on the WO 150 Celebration visit the special WO 150 section of the Recreation Department’s website  www.westorange.org.

Joseph Fagan April 10, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Joe Suriano's library presentation on April 19 at 7:00 pm is going to be great. I urge all to consider attending.
DaniM April 11, 2012 at 01:14 PM
This entire penny drive is absolutely ridiculous! The township is asking its children to fund its circus performance. My child was given a cup in school and told to collect as many pennies as she could. Nothing was sent home with the cup providing an explanation to the parents indicating for what the money would be used. We teach our children to give to those in need and our elementary school runs several drives throughout the year to provide to the needy. The natural assumption among both parents and children was that this money would be used for the needy. After digging around, we discovered that the pennies collected will be used to buy the tickets for the winning classes' tickets to the circus. In July. I can't even begin to explain how infuriating this is. The losing children are collecting money for the winning classes to get a ticket to the circus. On top of that, the family of the winning classes will then be forced to purchase tickets to the circus so that the winning child can attend. This reeks of a way for the township to make money off our children. Also, what will happen to any excess money that is collected? The parents were give no information about this. Children emptied their piggy banks to give to the drive, only for the parents to discover the duplicity of the township. I am thoroughly disgusted at how this was approached and the lack of thought put into this. The only way to remedy this is to donate the pennies collected by these kids to a charity.


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