How to Stay Warm When It's This Cold

Some Helpful Hints to Brave the Cold Snap That Hit Our Area.

From seeing some folks actually wearing short-sleeves and shorts New Year's Day, the seemingly Arctic-like chill blanketing the area the past few days has one and all bundling up to fight off frostbite.

With temperatures dropping as low as 11 degrees last night – and predicted to stay in the 20s today – we offer some helpful hints for staying warm this is likely the first of several cold snaps we will experience this winter.

Think COLD, Stay Warm

The Mayo Clinic advises those stepping outside in chilly weather to remember the acronym COLD: Cover, Overexertion, Layers, Dry. Keep your face, head and neck covered with hats and scarves to keep heat from escaping. Do not overexert yourself because sweaty clothes cause us to lose body heat faster. Layers of lightweight clothing made from Under Armour-like synthetic materials, as well as wool and silk, are recommended while cotton is not because it does not hold body temperatures. Finally, staying dry is self-explanatory, but obviously important.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We crave liquids less when the temperature dips, but we have the same hydration needs year round. Since dehydration can contribute to frostbite, according to the Wilderness Medicine Newsletter, that is all the more reason to make sure you get your 8-10 glasses of water daily. Besides: staying hydrated increases your chances of staying healthy this season.

Make Some Soup

Winter is perfect comfort-food weather – and what warms us after being outside like a piping hot bowl of soup? Here are 50 easy and hearty soup recipes courtesy of foodnetwork.com. A bag of dry split peas or lentils, combined with a few other ingredients, makes for a quick, satisfying and inexpensive meal that sticks to your ribs. Have some leftover chicken or turkey sitting in your fridge? Start with some chicken broth, mix in some poultry with sliced carrots, celery and onions, boil some pasta or rice and you have a hot meal.

Staying Active

A good workout at your local gym or even using your Xbox Kinect or Wii will get your blood flowing and make the weather outside feel a little less frightful. If you insist on exercising outdoors, however, wear layers. (The Huffington Post recommends 9 Healthy Outdoor Cold-Weather Workouts.)

The Mayo Clinic advises including a thin synthetic layer like Under Armour or Nike Dri-Fit that attracts sweat away from the body, then adding a fleece layer before topping it off with a waterproof outer layer. And, as with the aforementioned COLD acronym recommended by The Mayo Clinic, keep your face, head and neck covered if you are going for a jog.

L. Klonsky January 04, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Hey Brian: you forgot to pay homage to chili! Soup is fine, but chili is an easy, nutritious dish that can be made in a crockpot. Cheap to make, too. Nice article.


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