A few quick notes on the school board meeting of 10-22-12

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The BOE had a most unusual meeting.  Superintendent Cavanna status changed from suspended with pay to resigning effective December 31, 2012 and on leave till then

A statement saying he did some good was read.  No charges were filed and no accusation of wrong doing was made.   In my view the board hired this guy and mismanaged the relationship with the superintendent.  This put the schools thru and expense and distracting legal endeavor.

One of the prime responsibilities of a school board is to hire a superintendent and work with that person to make sure the policies goals and objective and budgets of the board are followed.  This board missed the boat on this issue

The block scheduling was presented it is a good idea put issue like were student will fit with lunch and the true cost are not figure out.  I will call it a good idea and I would vote for it subject to finalizing some of the issues on cost, space utilization, the open lunch for seniors question and fitting in time for teacher to collaborate.

I agree with Superintendent O’Neill that the violence report in the media our over stated however we have some concerns on discipline and violence which we did not get honest answer to.

The union contract talks are supposedly close what ever that mean.  Real changes are required in employee benefits and work rules.  I am hope fairness applies not just for teacher but also for taxpayers.

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woresident October 30, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Sorry Adam but you are wrong. The 1.5% was in effect for last year. Teachets will only pay the 1.5% if it is more than the amount they pay for health care with the % . Some teachers on the first steps with a single health plan or tea hers who have chosen to not tecieve benefits from WO will play 1.5%. In a few years, teachers will be paying 30% of the family. I am right. Check your facts.
West Oranger October 31, 2012 at 03:21 PM
I'm very concerned about the writing in these posts from the candidate, but I'm more concerned about the obsession with costs over quality of education and support of teachers. Parents and BOE candidates - spend a day with your kids' teachers (and lunch aides, administrators, and other education professionals) and you'll quickly find that $60k and benefits aren't enough to compensate them for the service that they provide to our students and local economy. Taxes are too high and we need to find ways to save money, but the way to do that is to find value. Value will come from compensating teachers fairly for their education and the work they do, which will, in turn, attract the best teachers to the job. Lowballing them does nothing to help the bottom line, particulary in the long term. I'd love to hear some truly innovative ideas about how to build revenue and save money that don't involve cutting essential services or throwing town workers under the bus.
woresident November 02, 2012 at 03:16 AM
I would also like clarification on lunch coverage and after school coverage flexibility. What do you mean? What is in the contract now? Should teachers not be given a lunch time? Were you really ayeacher? Teachers I know spend a lot of time after school working. They clean up from the day, answer parent emails, correct work, make photo copies, prepare for the next day, attend meetings, etc The time they spend with children is only a part of their job. I have 2 children on elementary school and I volunteer a lot so I what teachers do. I don't think you do
woresident November 02, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Also, you stated we need more flexibility on transfers. How do transfers work now? Can't the place teachers wherever they want? Do you actually know how it works now? Do you research anything you talk about?
woresident November 02, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Should read...can't the BOE place teachers....


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