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Kyle Christopher April 24, 2014 at 03:06 pm
Stay out of low income/high crime rate housing areas and you wont have to worry about it. ProblemRead More solved.
MARIA ESCOBAR April 24, 2014 at 03:33 pm
MS Krys yep, and Ted Bundy never murdered his live in girl friend, so I guess he was just broughtRead More up wrong and should have been adopted out to another country huh? F-ing clueless airhead. Spayed is an excellent choice, go for it.
Lucia April 24, 2014 at 05:16 pm
Maria your remarks show just how ignorant you are by attempting to insult someone you know nothingRead More about, calling names (f-ing clueless airhead) along with, the never to be forgotten "huh." You know as much about proper grammar as you do about pitbulls. You're really quite a sorry little grunt. Hope you don't plan to vote in the next election, you probably voted for the marxist in chief we now have who's destroying the US (probably not your country of birth).
Jeffrey Rutzky
john anthony prignano April 24, 2014 at 02:49 pm
MR. Rutzky, as of 2012 - 2013, no Doctorate, not National Board Certified,and not Highly Qualified.
john anthony prignano April 24, 2014 at 04:00 pm
Roseland, Essex Fells and Caldwell/West Caldwell have a combined student population of 3,000. EachRead More district has a Superintendent { Essex Fells' Superintendent is also the 205 pupils grammar school principal }. and each district has a Business Administrator. Roseland has one grammar school { 485 students }, but the district has a Superintendent who's now in charge of a 7,000 student district , AND a grammar school principal. Asbury Park Press reports that the Superintendent and Business Administrator in Caldwell/West Caldwell had NO experience in public education when they were hired. The public schools do not exist to educate children.
amy wall April 24, 2014 at 05:01 pm
I wish him the best of luck. The salary is way too high but I guess that's done to match our taxes.Read More I hope he can do something for the schools in West Orange (esp. middle and high) because as things are going now, I will not be a resident of west orange after my son finishes 5th grade.
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Harriet Laurin April 24, 2014 at 02:24 pm
@PH - Why? Because every dog is an individual. I know a Golden Retriever who growls and doesn'tRead More like children - but that doesn't mean all Golden Retrievers are that way. Airedales are supposedly nice family dogs, but as I said, I had to take refuge in a bathroom when one went after me at a house I was babysitting. I remember, as an older child, walking the family dog (a Heinz 57 mutt) along with a friend walking a beagle. A German Shepherd charged out of an open backyard gate, snatched up my friend's beagle, and proceeded to try to kill it. Doesn't mean all GSD's are dog-aggressive killers; just that one. Stereotyping dogs - either way - isn't a way to accurately assess a given dog and determine if that dog should live or die. Did I purposely seek out the PB I have? Not really; I spotted her staggering on a city street close to heat exhaustion, just moments before a car (not mine) mowed her over. When I got to her, it became pretty clear that she had previously been mistreated by humans and was quite frightened. It took perhaps ten or fifteen minutes for her to decide to cautiously approach me (with me sitting, cross-legged, on a hot concrete sidewalk), another five minutes of me giving her water from the palm of my hand before she surrendered her heart and loyalty to me, got closer and with a sigh, laid down and put her head into my lap. Why did I take that risk with her? Simply because she was a dog I spotted, clearly in dire straits and I happened to be the only person there, in that moment, who was comfortable with dogs. When I got her to a vet and put her on the table, she stood there and let the vet do everything she needed to do for her to put her on the road to recovery, without any problems. The vet herself said "This is a good dog", pleased with the dog's temperament and behavior, even though the dog had been through a lot - and was barely a year old. Since then, she's learned all the obedience basics and a few cute tricks (shake hands, high five, double high five, find it, etc.), but also will pull a light wagon of garden debris for me, will pull a sled with a small child in it, literally will help remove unwanted brush and saplings in my yard (I point, she pulls them out). I had a knee injury that put me in a wheelchair for a short time, but she was able to provide assistance for me as I worked through physical therapy. While walking out just with her in a large, quiet quiet park, I slipped - and couldn't get back up on my own with my knee in the shape it was in. And no one was around to help. She positioned herself so that I could use her shoulders as leverage and literally hauled me up and out of a gully in the park. Could another dog have learned all of that? Sure. But just as I happened to be there for her, she now happens to be there for me. Someday, she will grow old and die. Will my next dog be a PB? Maybe, or maybe not. It will depend on who I find in a shelter and who seems to be the right match, as an individual, for me at that stage in my life. And for her to have a dog buddy, she picked her buddy out from a shelter - a little Jack Russell - Chihuahua mix. While my PB is pretty rock solid, the little guy is the temperamental feisty one.
MARIA ESCOBAR April 24, 2014 at 04:33 pm
@Harriet; """""Who the heck is "Fatwa from theRead More Jihadis"""""" "" Oh dear. I'm sorry I thought I was dealing with someone with a normal IQ and at least average World View. My bad. """"" use her shoulders as leverage and literally hauled me up and out of a gully""""""" Reality based conversation is what we seek in this discussion, not fantasy. It would make for a nice child's story if it had enough illustrations, you might want to try that. """""" A TSA agent happened to be seated two rows behind us, """"" Really? How did you know he was a TSA Agent?? Why was he seated on the plane? Was he armed? How did the person next to him know you?? Friend, co worker, ............. it's getting deeper and deeper...... This story wouldn't do well even as a children's book and no adult could be forced to buy it , , so you should just give up on this fictional PB story. Or at least research the made up characters and test the veracity of plot points against reality. Oh and; 1) why in heavens name would someone who needs a service dog (really needs one) pick a PB when it is such a controversial breed and having one makes for constant battles every where they go IN ADDITION TO THE HARDSHIPS IMPOSED BY THEIR HANDICAP.... 2) and why is every Pro-PB jihadi ( have your service dog type it in to google for you) the proud owner of a "Service Pit Bull"?? But can only produce the "bought it on line" certification which is issued sight unseen to anyone who coughs up a couple hundred bucks.?? 3) why, despite the apparently millions and millions of PB "service dogs" in existence, one never sees them used by the legitimate, long standing service dog organizations?? Do you even know who they are?? (LMFGDAO!!) 4) HAHAHAHA -------> """"While training towards becoming a certified service dog, she flew a round-trip flight 5.5 hours each way, in coach""""". QUICK what was the airline, date , flight number, ticket price, seat assignments and the departure/destination locations and gate numbers........ REALITY BASED hon, try for reality based.... And lastly, the FLUFFINGTON PEST???? you are quoting articles from the Fluffington Pest??? OMG, I feel privileged!! One seldom gets the opportunity to observe the "DOH", "PC" and "my imaginary PB friend" zeitgeists at work across the Freudian triumvirate, of a single human being.!! OOOOH Rah, you go girl!!
Igor April 24, 2014 at 05:08 pm
For all those people who hate pitbulls. Tough sh^t!! Get over it. I'm keeping mine. You don't likeRead More it? I don't care. End of subject.
Students Niara Boykin, Njeri Sparman, Acacia Tam, Kimberly Stephens and Richard McCleese from Mr. Figueiredo's World History class listen intently to Carl Wilkens from Rwanda.
Shelli B April 24, 2014 at 08:44 am
Kudos to Mr. Figueiredo and West Orange High for making such good use of the technology that ourRead More High School is fortunate to have. I wholeheartedly applaud bringing this important topic via interactive medium which I hope supports the reality of Genocide. Just this week, radio was used in South Sudan to incite slaughter against a specific group and civilians seeking refuge in churches, mosques and even hospitals were brutally murdered. As a child of Holocaust survivors, I know how crucial an educated, egalitarian, activist citizenry is. I applaud West Orange's educational organizations that foster mutual respect and understanding, who recognize the importance of extensive knowledge of history without which "Never Again" would be impossible.
Adam Kraemer April 22, 2014 at 06:43 am
The level of debit is to high on the muncipal side of the local government but my fiscall concernsRead More are greater on the school board side. The budget is up for a vote Monday, April 28, 2014 in the early evening at the high shool. The citizen who go to the town coucill need to address thier concerns to the board also.
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Kim April 23, 2014 at 12:05 pm
What I think is really scary and a public health threat is the violence PEOPLE do to pit bulls. WeRead More kill millions of them every year. They are tortured in fighting rings, look at what Vick did. Humans are a very dangerous breed. THere should be laws or something to protect the public--and animals--- from people.
tribble April 23, 2014 at 12:56 pm
#Kim, all the more reason for restrictions, such as spaying and neutering. Less animals to be hurtRead More in fighting pits or put in the pound, only to be put down.
Notbricktrash April 23, 2014 at 07:20 pm
Here's a story http://m.digitaljournal.com/article/355611
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Mad as hell... April 22, 2014 at 11:28 pm
Savecritters...I appreciate your concern but like I said you may want to make sure your homeownersRead More insurance will cover that dog. When you're on the receiving end of a pit bull dog's attack it's hard to fathom the logic in owning one.
Savecritters....you lost the argument as soon as you wrote "...owned by countless movieRead More stars..." What the hell does that prove?
tribble April 23, 2014 at 06:53 am
Yeah, Miley Cyrus' pit bull killed her little doggie last fall. The other dog that just died...it'sRead More being covered up how it died. That's why all the articles that mention coyote say "allegedly".